Talking about Photography with passionate Mirrorless Photographers. This podcast is proudly sponsored by Fujifilm South Africa


  • SOOC_Anton Bosman

    SOOC_Anton Bosman

    18/07/2018 Duration: 51min

    INSTAGRAM: @antbosman FACEBOOK:

  • SOOC_Chris Dos Santos.mp3

    SOOC_Chris Dos Santos.mp3

    04/07/2018 Duration: 19min

    #PodcastBy: Chris Dos Santos Chris is South African Freelance Photographer & Photojournalist and co-owner/director at Kubili Media House. Instagram: @chrisdossantosza / @kubili.mediahouse Twitter: @Chris_DosSantos Facebook: Website: #FujiFilmFeature #FujifilmSA #Fujifilm #FujifilmSouthAfrica #MirrorlessRevolution

  • SOOC_Dillon Kin

    SOOC_Dillon Kin

    19/06/2018 Duration: 23min

    Dillon Kin Instagram: (@dillonkin) Facebook: (@dillonkin) Email:

  • SOOC_Lindsey Appolis

    SOOC_Lindsey Appolis

    13/06/2018 Duration: 22min

    Lindsey Appolis Lindsey, a Creative, that wasn’t always a Creative…. he thinks. He is a self-taught photographer living and working in Cape Town, focused on fashion, film and travel. Instagram: @appster Twitter: @Appster01 Facebook: website:

  • SOOC_Mardee Maree

    SOOC_Mardee Maree

    30/05/2018 Duration: 30min

    Mardee Maree is s photographer with a love for conceptual fashion and weddings, a passion for painting with light and creating images that define confidence.