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"Talk To Paulie" Is an interview show featuring the great artists, intellectuals, thinkers and doers that give our city and our borough much of its inimitable vitality. Each half-hour episode typically focuses on a single guest, often a theatre artist, visual artist, author, intellectual, activist, outlaw, and/or ingrate — representing the whole spectrum of intense beings that make New York what it is. Interviews will often be linked to an upcoming event related to the work of the guest: say, the publication of a book, the release of an album, the opening of a film, or a theatre or art show. "Talk To Paulie" plugs its audience into cool cultural happenings that are under, over or on the radar. "Talk to Paulie" is a former production of BBOX Radio


  • #1602: Sean Mooney

    #1602: Sean Mooney

    24/03/2016 Duration: 36h36min

    Paulie interviews Art Curator Sean Mooney who has curated and installed art exhibitions everywhere from New York (The Guggenheim) to Berlin to The Bering Peninsula of Alaska to the middle eastern nation of Qatar.

  • #1601: Sarah Thom

    #1601: Sarah Thom

    27/01/2016 Duration: 26h35min

    Paulie talks to Sarah Thom, a founding member of the cutting edge European performance group Gobsquad. Gobsquad’s “Kitchen” (inspired by the 1966 Warhol film of the same title) was performed at The Public Theatre in 2012. Innovative, moving, hilarious, tech savvy without an ounce of slickness. They have continued to bring exquisite work to NYC. Via this conversation Paulie pries into this inimitable company’s history, philosophy and practices.

  • #1402: Steven Haff

    #1402: Steven Haff

    07/09/2014 Duration: 30h00s

    Educator and director of Still Waters in a Storm, Steven Haff talks to Paul about his life changing afterschool program in Bushwick, NY

  • #1401: Phil Klay, National Book Award Winner

    #1401: Phil Klay, National Book Award Winner

    10/08/2014 Duration: 30h00s

    Phil Klay's book, Redeployment, won the National Book Award on Nov. 19, 2014. On this episode of Talk To Paulie, recorded in August, 2014, Paul talks to writer Phil Klay about his book, Redeployment, which takes readers to the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, asking us to understand what happened there, and what happened to the soldiers who returned.

  • #1312: John Haskell

    #1312: John Haskell

    18/08/2013 Duration: 30h00s

    This week's guest on Talk To Paulie is one of Brooklyn's finest prose fiction writers, John Haskell. John began his career in theatre but had quick success when he published a number of his monologues in a book of short stories called, "I'm Not Jackson Pollack" in 2006. Since then John has published two novels, "American Purgatorio" and "Out Of My Skin". Regarding "Out Of My Skin" the critic at Bomb Magazine says, "Despite its deadpan tone, the novel has a strange dramatic thrust. Haskell's forte is making the most mundane happenings into cliffhangers." The interview will make you run out and read this guy!

  • #1311: Emily Coates

    #1311: Emily Coates

    28/07/2013 Duration: 30h00s

    This week on Talk To Paulie the amazing dancer and public intellectual Emily Coates. Emily danced with New York City Ballet, Mikhail Baryshnikov's White Oak Dance Company as well as Twyla Tharp and Yvonne Rainer. She has a Masters from Yale University and now runs the Dance Studies program there. Emily redefines the boundaries between performer, academic and critic. A must listen.

  • #1310: Mitch Epstein

    #1310: Mitch Epstein

    09/06/2013 Duration: 29h23min

    This week on Talk To Paulie the guest is Mitch Epstein, an internationally renowned photographer. Mitch's photographs are in numerous major museum collections including The Met, MOMA and The Whitney. He has also published eight books of his work. The focus of Mitch's conversation with Paulie is his explosive book called "American Power". Over a six year period Mitch made forays to energy production sites and their environs. In a post 9/11 America this project brought Mitch into repeated conflicts with America's security apparatus. The best way to appreciate this interview is to enjoy Mitch Epstein's pictures while listening:

  • #1309: Amy Arbus

    #1309: Amy Arbus

    19/05/2013 Duration: 30h14min

    This weeks guest is photographer Amy Arbus. During the 1980s, she had a monthly page in the Village Voice's style section. Her work has also appeared in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times Magazine. Arbus has published several books of photography. No Place Like Home, The Inconvenience of Being Born, and On the Street 1980–1990 and The Fourth Wall. Amy talks to Paulie about her latest book After Images.

  • #1308: Phillip Lopate

    #1308: Phillip Lopate

    05/05/2013 Duration: 30h25min

    This week, hear Paulie talk to one of America's premiere essayists, Phillip Lopate. The occasion for this interview is the recent release of Phillip's newest book of essays, "Portrait Inside My Head", an imminently readable, hilarious, brilliant, provocative collection that spans such topics as marital sex, novel adaptations to film, poetry, baseball, liberalism, and Phillip's tough upbringing on the streets of Brooklyn. Beside Phillip's three prior books of essays, he has also published novels, poetry and much film criticism. Phillip is funny, smart and refreshingly irreverent.

  • #1307: Nellie McKay

    #1307: Nellie McKay

    21/04/2013 Duration: 30h26min

    This week Paulie talks to Nellie McKay, a singer-songwriter, actor, and stand-up comedienne, noted for her critically acclaimed albums, and for her Broadway debut in The Threepenny Opera, for which she won a Theatre World Award. Nellie is as charming, smart and funny as she is politically outspoken. In this interview Nellie sings a number of beautiful songs and talks about Doris Day, animal rights, the beauty of her "death row musical" and much more.

  • #1306: Lizzie Simon

    #1306: Lizzie Simon

    07/04/2013 Duration: 29h52min

    This week Paulie's guest is the Wall Street Journal theatre columnist Lizzie Simon. Lizzie writes two regular columns for WSJ as well as occasional features. Lizzie grew up in the theatre and was the Producing Director of The Flea Theatre at twenty one years old. She is also the author of a gripping and important memoir called "Detour". The story she tells in "Detour" is one you need to know about, so please listen. Not to mention that Lizzie is so so smart, funny and charming.

  • #1305:Vellajo Gantner

    #1305:Vellajo Gantner

    17/03/2013 Duration: 30h38min

    Vellajo Gantner is the Artistic Director of the world renowned Performance Space 122 in the East Village of NYC. He is on the cutting edge of the cutting edge of what is happening in experimental Theatre/Dance/Performance. Wind with Vellajo's peripatetic mind through the thrilling territory of the best art being made in our fare city today.

  • #1304 Carla Peterson

    #1304 Carla Peterson

    24/02/2013 Duration: 30h32min

    This week Paulie talks to the Artistic Director of the premiere dance venue in the U.S.A., New York Live Arts. Carla has been a major curatorial force in the dance and performance field for twenty years. Her point of view about the evolution of contemporary dance is vivid, entertaining and meaningful in the arena of both art, politics and cultural history. She is fervent, fierce and articulate.

  • #1303: Rabbi Samual Weintraub

    #1303: Rabbi Samual Weintraub

    10/02/2013 Duration: 30h18min

    This week's guest on Talk To Paulie is Rabbi Samual Weintraub. Rabbi Weintraub has been at The Kane Street Synagogue for sixteen years. He and Paulie talk about the latter portion of the book of Genesis, the tale of the generations of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

  • #1302: Kristen Kosmnas

    #1302: Kristen Kosmnas

    27/01/2013 Duration: 30h11min

    Paulie's guest this week is Kristen Kosmas. Kristen is a playwright and performer. She recently completed a hugely successful run of her latest play "There There" at The Chocolate Factory Theatre. "There There" is a unique, comic, poignant contemplation of one of dramatic literature's most famous socio- paths, Solony from "The Three Sisters".

  • #1301: Ken Buhler

    #1301: Ken Buhler

    13/01/2013 Duration: 28h40min

    This week Paulie talks to painter Ken Buhler. Ken is an abstract painter with not one but two shows up in New York right now. They discuss abstract painting, color, teaching, meditation and even the Oriental Dollar Bird!!!

  • #1213: New Yorks Nature Theater of Oklahoma

    #1213: New York's Nature Theater of Oklahoma

    09/12/2012 Duration: 31h58min

    This week Paulie talks to Pavol Liška and Kelly Copper, directors of the world renowned Nature Theater of Oklahoma, based in New York City. Nature Theater's latest theatrical extravaganza, "Life And Times", will be performed at the Public Theater starting January 16th. It is a mere ten and a half hours long! Check out these courageous creators and their first American radio interview on Talk To Paulie.

  • #1212: Ich, Kürbisgeist

    #1212: Ich, Kürbisgeist

    28/10/2012 Duration: 32h19min

    Theater maker extraordinaire, Cynthia Hopkins, Talks To Paulie this Sunday at 4:00pm EST about her newest work, "This Clement World", a mindbending contemplation of our planet.

  • #1211: Lili Taylor

    30/09/2012 Duration: 32h17min
  • #1210: Time Out New York Theatre Critic Helen Shaw

    09/09/2012 Duration: 17h46min
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