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Disconapping my way through Europe. Note: I don't read my message - sorry!


  • paris metro concert

    03/02/2013 Duration: 01min

    paris metro concert by Natalie Jo

  • proof that dogs snore

    21/11/2012 Duration: 39s

    proof that dogs snore by Natalie Jo

  • Efterklang: Piramida, sounds & a little Island

    24/09/2012 Duration: 05min

    Last week I met up with Casper from Efterklang. We chatted about their 4th album "Piramida" (, Casper's love of sounds, how the band uses SoundCloud and much much more. Oh and I used the new REC feature and edited on the go! Check out Efterklang here: / /

  • Passion Project: Storytelling

    28/08/2012 Duration: 02min

    Submit your stories to: or

  • Passion Project: Fashion - Laura Dunne

    17/08/2012 Duration: 04min

    Passion Project: Fashion - Laura Dunne by Natalie Jo

  • Passion Project: People - Melissa Wong

    17/08/2012 Duration: 05min

    Passion Project: People - Melissa Wong by Natalie Jo

  • Passion Project: Politaoke - Diana Arce

    17/08/2012 Duration: 04min

    Politaoke with Diana: About Political Speech Karaoke. Biography Politicians sometimes are actors - deliverers of words cleverly written by high paid political scientists working as speech writers sent to them via teleprompters. Other times they are professional improvisers, stringing together the current events jargon into sound bits and phrases that are perfect for being cut into newspapers, radio shows and television. But their words, whether powerful or ridiculous, whether inspiring or down right wrong, belong to us. Completely non-partisan, Politaoke allows the audience to decide how to interpret and perform each politician's words. The political speeches, debates and interviews are provided in their entirety- word for word- only edited into sections (songs) of about 1 - 8 minutes. Politaoke provides the audience a platform to perform, take ownership and finally hear and see clearly what their politicians say. Developed over 2007/8 and first performed in Weimar, Germany on January 30, 2008, Politaoke

  • An interview with a hostel virgin (not a hostile virgin).

    23/12/2011 Duration: 03min

    Alex has never stayed in a hostel and she talked to me about her first experience in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Mom singing Pink Floyd. at Oak Hill

    07/11/2011 Duration: 01min

    Mom singing Pink Floyd. at Oak Hill by Natalie Jo