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Weâ??ve all got a story. Whatâ??s yours?


  • You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out


    Stories from our July 2014 show about childhood misadventures Seth Casana with Have Suitcase, Will Party Maura Wilson Schneider with It’s Log! Michael Lewis with This Is What Guys Do Judith Onesty with Kid Power Les Schaffer with Two Rules Daniel Wolfe with Don’t Wake Daddy

  • Working For the Weekend

    29/10/2014 Duration: 56min

    Stories about jobs from our June 2014 show: Amanda Khun with Much Ado About Mr. Inge Mark Brunson with I’ve Had It Up To Here With These Mother Effing Snakes Seth Casana with Checker Flag Parking Jay Anderson with ….and the Whipped Cream DD Lecky with The Tale Of Two Turds Tom Sellers with That’s […]

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Part II

    02/05/2014 Duration: 44min

    More stories from our March show about cars: Michael Lewis with Something Bigger Emily Kuper with I’m Invincible JoEllen Lesher with Stranded In the Wild Wild East Mark Brunson with Breakdowns Are Wonderful Things Steve Watkins with Who Needs Gas When You’re on Acid?

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Part I

    08/04/2014 Duration: 38min

    True stories about cars from our March show. A show so packed with awesome stories we couldn’t fit it all in one podcast. Jay Anderson with Where the Tire Meets the Ice Maura Wilson with Angry And Scared Collette Caprara with Fast With the Wheel, Slow with the Brake Judith Onesty with Thirty Days to […]

  • Whoopie

    06/03/2014 Duration: 44min

    Stories about love and sex from our February live show. Michael Lewis with Mindset Jay Anderson with The Sex that Never Ends Maura Wilson Schneider with Tarnished Record Seth Casana with No Rings Please Missy Columbo with Frankenstein Hug Les Schaefer with Sticking It Out Arden Schneider with Mystery

  • Best Served Cold

    07/02/2014 Duration: 01h06min

    Stories about revenge from our January show Jay Anderson with Under the Cover of Darkness Daniel Wolfe with Sorry! John Drake with Thanks For the Cigars Tom Sellers with a Touch On the Shoulder Seth Casana with The Thing About Mayonnaise Zach Santulli with Just Friends Les Schaefer with I Want My Revenge Hot Dan […]

  • Fourth Annual Shorties Competition

    09/01/2014 Duration: 54min

    Three minute true stories from one of our very favorite shows ever. Maura Wilson Schneider with The Babysitter Extraordinaire Zach Santulli with The Butcher of Herndon Karen Viera-Verdi with Speed Racer Date Lee Crisculo with Are You A Bear? Bill Hatch with Dodger the Escape Artist Les Schaffer with Who Killed Baker? Dan Kost with […]

  • Do Re Mi

    05/12/2013 Duration: 43min

    True stories about music from our November 9th show. Amanda Kuhn with Do You Hustle? Seth Casana with The Life of a Folk Star Briel Banks with Breakup Cruise Tom Sellers with Don’t Be a Turkey Jay Anderson with How To Cheat At Karaoke Zach Santulli with The Perilous Journey of the Joe Deddo Five

  • Rules

    20/11/2013 Duration: 01h02min

    Stories from our October 12 show about following, breaking, and enforcing rules. Seth Casana with It’s Going to Be So Awesome Jym Horak with No Rules in Wildwood, NJ Bill Hatch with The Benevolent Ordeal Judith Onesty with Handle With Care Janelle Kennedy with The F Word Jay Anderson with A Mere Suggestion Lee Criscuolo […]