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Devotional thoughts and comments from the staff at In Search of the Lord's Way, the television ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma.


  • Sunday March 14 - Eternity


    Audio - EternityJob asked “If a man dies, will he live again?” (Job 14:14). We live as creatures of this world limited in time, yet God is eternal and speaks of eternity. How will our lives today affect our eternal destiny.

  • Sunday March 7 - When You Are Tempted


    Audio - When You Are TemptedEach of us faces temptation every day. Will Jesus really help us overcome our sins? What spiritual resources do we have that will help us stand strong against the schemes of the devil who tempts us?

  • Sunday February 28 - The Narrow Way


    Audio - The Narrow WayWhile the world speaks of diversity and acceptance for every idea, God points us to a narrow way that often includes only one way. When we walk with the Lord, we can’t go in any and every direction. We must follow Him.

  • Sunday February 21 - Let Us Pray


    Audio - Let Us PrayGod great gift of an open ear and an open heart is a blessing to every Christian. If God is ready to hear us, we should be ready to pour out our hearts to Him. We do not have to beg God to listen; He wants to!

  • Sunday February 14 - What Love Will Do


    Audio - What Love Will DoThe love God demonstrated through Jesus upon the cross can make a profound difference in our hearts and lives. The more we love God and love others the greater blessing we can be in this uncertain and chaotic world.

  • Sunday February 7 - God is at Work in Baptism


    Audio - God is at Work in BaptismGod is still very much at work in our world, and we need to think of what God does in the salvation of each individual. What does God do to save us and what part does baptism play in that salvation?

  • Sunday January 31 - Sayings from the Cross 2


    Audio - Sayings from the Cross 2In this lesson we continue listening to what the Lord Jesus said while he was dying upon the cross. We’ll hear His cry of agony and we’ll see how He finished His suffering for the sins of the world.

  • Sunday January 24 - Sayings from the Cross 1


    Audio - Sayings from the Cross 1They say the last words a person speaks is important. The gospel accounts record seven last sayings of Jesus Christ. If His words are important to our souls and eternity, we should listen and pay close attention.

  • Sunday January 17 - What is the Truth?


    Audio - What is the Truth?Pontius Pilate asked the question, “What is truth?” In this lesson we’ll examine Pilate’s question, asking the question, “Where does one find the truth on spiritual and moral matters when our culture doesn’t believe in absolutes?”

  • Sunday January 10 - Saved or Lost?


    Audio - Saved or Lost?There is a big difference between being saved and being lost. There is a big difference between standing in the grace of God or being rejected by the Lord. Being right with the Lord is the most critical matter of all.

  • Sunday January 3 - What Will You Do with Jesus?


    Audio - What Will You Do with Jesus?You have an appointment that you cannot avoid: one day you must face the Lord. How you treat the Lord today will determine how the Lord will deal with you in eternity. What are you doing with Jesus?

  • Sunday December 27 - Jesus is Coming Again


    Audio - Jesus is Coming AgainJesus came in the first century to save humanity from sin. We do not when Jesus will come again, but we do know He is coming and what He will do. For believers, the second coming is a reason to rejoice!

  • Sunday December 20 - The Word Became Flesh


    Audio - The Word Became FleshJesus is the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh. The Lord Jesus became flesh and became the greatest blessing this world has ever known. In this lesson we’ll explore what Jesus came to earth to do.

  • Sunday December 13 - Where Could I Go?


    Audio - Where Could I Go?When life falls apart and you have to pick up the pieces, where do you go? Where do you begin putting your life back together? Jesus has the only answer to our spiritual needs. He alone has the words of eternal life.

  • Sunday December 6 - Praising God


    Audio - Praising GodLike Peter, there are times when we need to say, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!” When we count our blessings, our hearts are filled with gratitude and the desire to praise the Lord.

  • Sunday November 29 - Walking By Faith


    Audio - Walking By FaithPaul said, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” What does he mean? Is our faith just a leap in the dark or is there more involved? Do Christians have good reasons for trusting in God and living for Jesus?

  • Sunday November 22 - Give Thanks


    Audio - Give ThanksThe last Thursday of every November has been designated as a day to give thanks in our nation. There are many good reasons and benefits to giving thanks. Giving thanks is at the heart of all things Christian.

  • Sunday November 15 - Meant for Good


    Audio - Meant for GoodHeartaches come to all of us, and we wonder how God fits in all this. God is just and His purpose is good, even when we don’t understand why. We’re exploring how God uses our heartaches for good.

  • Sunday November 8 - Why I Am a Member


    Audio - Why I Am a MemberIf I ask you to do something that is life-changing, I should have a really good reason. Today we’re exploring why everyone should be a member of the Lord’s glorious church. There is no greater privilege!

  • Sunday November 1 - Citizenship as Christians


    Audio - Citizenship as Christians When it’s time to elect government officials, should Christians get involved? Does the Bible have anything to say to the Christian citizen? In this lesson we’re going to examine how a Christian citizen responds to his nation.

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