In Search Of The Lord's Way



Devotional thoughts and comments from the staff at In Search of the Lord's Way, the television ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma.


  • Sunday October 25 - Membership in the Church


    Audio –Membership in the Church If you could be a child of God and a citizen in the kingdom of God, would you? In this fourth lesson of this series, we’re exploring what it means to be a member of the church and how to become a member.

  • Sunday October 18 - The Church of Christ


    Audio – The Church of ChristOccasionally people ask me questions about the church of Christ. In this third lesson of this series, we going to explore the nature, the worship, and the organization of the church today as it fits the church described in the New Testament.

  • Sunday October 4 - The Church Jesus Built


    Audio – The Church Jesus BuiltWith so many churches in town, how do we know which one is what God wants? In this first lesson for this series, we’re examining the church Jesus built as it is described in the Scriptures.

  • Sunday September 27 - Jesus the Lord


    Audio – Jesus the LordBecause Jesus rose from the dead, we can call Him “Lord.” What does being the Lord of all mean? If Jesus is Lord, should we not listen to Him? We must realize He will judge us on the last day.

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