Little Steps



"I kept writing until I got a gig at SNL." Sometimes, people speak in insanely abstract ways about how they got somewhere, when in reality, between Point A and Point B were a million little steps. In this podcast, Rekha Shankar asks talented comedians and artists about these little steps in order to find out how they got to where they are now.


  • Episode 6 - Joanna

    Episode 6 - Joanna

    14/06/2015 Duration: 54min

    DAMNNN this week we sit down with comedy and journalism buff, Joanna Rothkopf! We go into rejection, parsing out what your goals are, and she teaches me what a "stringer" is (hint: not an animal). It's dope as hell, so enjoy!

  • Episode 5 - Andy Beckerman

    Episode 5 - Andy Beckerman

    04/11/2014 Duration: 01h51min

    YO this week is extra fun because we sit down with Beginnings and Snap Impression podcaster / former Pete Holmes Show writer / all-around comedy dude, Andy Beckerman. We get into lots of comedy and personality philosophy and it's dope as hell.

  • Episode 4 - Matt Czap

    Episode 4 - Matt Czap

    09/07/2014 Duration: 59min

    OH DANG this week we're sitting down with animator, comic book-artist, and improviser extraordinaire, Matt Czap! We get ALL INTO how to teach yourself a new skill and how to develop your own style and voice. Oh yeah! And his siqq-ass Breaking Bad animation that went crazy-viral. Changed up the intro music, too, so LET'S GET NITTY AND GRITTY, GUYS.

  • Episode 3 - Ramsey Ess

    Episode 3 - Ramsey Ess

    08/06/2014 Duration: 01h12min

    This week we sit down with Ramsey Ess, a high school English teacher and freelance writer for Weekend Update and Splitsider. We talk GRAD SCHOOL, LOOK BOOKS, JOKE-WRITING, and GHOST DADS. How rad is that?

  • Episode 2 - Michelle Blair Gabriel

    Episode 2 - Michelle Blair Gabriel

    16/05/2014 Duration: 01h15min

    This week we sit down with Michelle Blair Gabriel, an illustrator and designer in Brooklyn, NY. She's got a lot of awesome advice on how to play to your strengths, make Craig's List work for you, and quit your potentially-awful day-job. Hell yeah!

  • Episode 1 - Jo Firestone

    Episode 1 - Jo Firestone

    10/02/2014 Duration: 58min

    This week, we sit down with New York City host / show producer guru, Jo Firestone, creator of Punderdome 3000, the Incredible Gameshow Showcase, and many other things that you really should just go to, guys. Note: if 75% of the way through this interview, my voice starts sounding like a TELEPHONE, then your ears work properly.