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  • As The Neuron Is Lost: Episode 1

    19/12/2011 Duration: 13min

    Welcome to the newest radio drama from FreeQuincy Radio Theater starring: Kris Holly, Peter Gibeau, Courtney Harding, Lisa Lickel, Jill Werdermann, and Jeff Wolf.

  • Gangster's Ghostcapades

    31/10/2007 Duration: 26min

    Three mobsters are traveling from the windy city to the off-road town of Ridgeway, Wisconsin. It is the age of prohibition, but that doesn't stop alcohol sales and other illegal activity in this remote corner of Wisconsin. However, when our three mobsters wander into Ridgeway to take advantage of a local ghost tale, they discover that the unknown has different plans. Written by Lisa Lickel and directed by Jeffrey G. Wolf. First brodcasting: October 31st, 2007.

  • Spring Cleaning Invasion

    27/10/2007 Duration: 01h41min

    For a small mythical town in 1948 Wisconsin, fall happens to have just the right ambiance to give Mrs. Gale Storm the opportunity to try out a brand new cleaner. Unfortunately, it also happends to be the right time that aliens, who found New Mexico too dry, invade the planet -only this time in the dairyland state of Wisconsin. Written by: Lisa Lickel and Directed by Jeffrey G. Wolf. Starring: Logan Galezio, Susan Kist, Lisa Lickel, Christine Schmidt, JIll Wiedermann, Scott Wilke, and Jeffrey G. Wolf

  • When Lightning Strikes

    27/10/2007 Duration: 49min

    What really happens when a human being is struck by lightning? Find out in this paranormal thriller from Wisconsin's own FreeQuincy Radio Theater. Written, Directed, and Produced by Jeffrey G. Wolf. Original Music by Bobby Schaub. Jeffrey G. Wolf, Paul Labonte, Jed Dolnick, Lisa Lickel, Hasan AbuLughod, Casem AbuLughod, Sandi Miller, Susan Kist, and Bill Mech.

  • Alex Stoli, Private Detective: The Act of Jealousy

    13/10/2007 Duration: 49min

    Join Detective Alex Stoli and sidekick Babe Connors as they solve the murder of a young actress killed during an expensive social gathering. Will Milwaukee politics cover up this murder or will Alex Stoli find the killer before he is the next victim? FreeQuincy Radio Theater's first live broadcast from November of 2001 starring Jed Dolnick, Nancy Luetschwager, Antony Teofilo, Jeffrey G. Wolf, Craig Ellefsen, Brennan Groh, Bill Mech, Charlie Mayhew, and Lisa Laehn. Written by Jeffrey G. Wolf, Jeffrey W. Ehren, and Antony M. Teofilo. Directed by Jeffrey G. Wolf

  • FreeQuincy Radio Theater, The Classics: Fibber McGee and Molly & Three Skeleton Key

    07/10/2006 Duration: 51min

    FreeQuincy Radio Theater's tribute to two great radio dramas. Recorded live in February of 2006 in West Bend, WI.