Among the Dead



Simon Richards is Kentucky man lost among the dead.


  • A New Day or the Last Day 35

    A New Day or the Last Day 35


    Simon's steady beatMissing the sounds of the generator and maybe other sounds. I feel that this took Simon to far out of his world. I post it here so that you all can decide if this was to far or not. Simon isn't dead, his just not doing so good. We have seen him go away for almost two years only to come back, it just seems harder this time. So rather then ruin what some many seem to enjoy, I post this out of cannon of the story. If it ever picks back up, and this does become cannon, then it this post will be taken down and an edited version will go out, with all the sounds and buzzers. Thanks to you wonderful fans, you all helped me in a hard time of my life by busting my ego about this show. Maybe even giving my father hope for me to make it, before he passed away. Your reviews and comments always made me smile and feel like a school girl. So I hope you all enjoy this 40 minute long episode.~David Maynard Jr

  • A New Day 21

    A New Day 21


    Simon's day out.

  • A New Day 20

    A New Day 20


    Simon and shoes.

  • A New Day 19

    A New Day 19


    Simon chills out

  • A New Day 18

    A New Day 18


    Simon's Trap.

  • A New Day 17

    A New Day 17


    Simon is what Simon does.

  • A New Day 16

    A New Day 16


    Simon's Kill.

  • A New Day 15

    A New Day 15


    Simon's hole home.

  • A New Day 14

    A New Day 14


    Simon's work.

  • A New Day 13

    A New Day 13


    Simon's hunt.

  • A New Day 12

    A New Day 12


    Simon down deep in the cold.

  • A New Day 11

    A New Day 11


    Simon feels the nip.

  • A New Day 10

    A New Day 10


    Simon's cold plans.

  • A New Day 9

    A New Day 9


    Simon in the woods.

  • A New Day 8

    A New Day 8


    Simon's find.

  • A New Day 7

    A New Day 7


    Simon's anger.

  • A New Day 6

    A New Day 6


    Simon has a bad day.

  • A New Day 5

    A New Day 5


    Simon's rude morning.

  • A New Day 4 (1 am)

    A New Day 4 (1 am)


    Simon's safety.

  • A New Day 4

    A New Day 4


    Simon sees something.*HIGH SOUND WARNING!!! During the last minute of this weeks show the audio will jump up really loud*

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