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This show is dedicated to the featuring local, upcoming arts events in Augusta and surrounding areas. It is hosted by Brenda Durant, Executive Director of the Greater Augusta Arts Council. For more info, go to


  • July Art Events, Mayor's Art Reception and more

    01/07/2016 Duration: 23min
  • Dave the Potter celebration and more events in July

    01/07/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Acrylic Expressions with Staci Swider

    20/06/2016 Duration: 24min
  • The Father Daughter Gala with Bob O'Neil

    10/06/2016 Duration: 25min
  • Free Movies at the Imperial Theater

    10/06/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Chris Hardy Album release party

    27/05/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Music in the Park and Local Author Jeff Blake

    20/05/2016 Duration: 25min
  • Anthony Kellman and Malaika Favorite at Book Tavern May 22

    13/05/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Garden Festival and Vega String Quartet

    15/04/2016 Duration: 25min
  • Quickies short Play Festival

    06/04/2016 Duration: 23min
  • The Blue Series & "Hollywood to Y'allywood"

    31/03/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Acoustic Cafe

    18/03/2016 Duration: 23min
  • Yuchikeeokee Arts festival and Pubcrawl

    11/03/2016 Duration: 24min
  • 12 String Strutt Public Art Project

    10/03/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Augusta Literary Festival

    02/03/2016 Duration: 23min
  • Neave Trio with the Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society

    22/01/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Mahogany Lounge & The Dance Theatre of Harlem

    15/01/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Poison Peach Film Festival Preview

    23/12/2015 Duration: 22min
  • Tara VanDevender Scheyer's New Year's Eve Concert

    23/12/2015 Duration: 23min
  • Storyland Theater presents The Nightingale

    23/12/2015 Duration: 24min
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