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  • WebPreach Raw: Bad Counsel

    05/10/2015 Duration: 08min
  • Is The Devil in Your House? // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    28/09/2015 Duration: 26min

    We live in a time of great darkness and deception. People of today live according to their own standards and base their decisions according to what is politically correct.----The Supreme Court says its okay for same sex couples to get married and the response from the most is passive. Babies are being aborted and their body parts are sold for personal gain and the response is submissive to it. The foundational doctrine of Jesus Christ has been watered down, distorted and misused.----The church has become an amusement park, a fun house designed by the world and for the world. Most Christians search the internet without filters and are viewing soft porn advertising and also many secretly are viewing hardcore porn sites. Not only men and women but children and pastors also.----The television set has taken the place of the comforter and the conviction of the Holy Ghost has been denied. Many Christians are beat down and abused mentally and physically by the enemy. But we still gather to the church houses and talk

  • WebPreach Raw: Get Right

    25/08/2015 Duration: 03min
  • WebPreach Raw : Hurt

    23/08/2015 Duration: 18min
  • The Church of King Saul // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    02/08/2015 Duration: 29min

    I believe the spirit of King Saul is in the church today- The same spirit that Saul had is the same spirit now-

  • Scattered Sheep // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    19/07/2015 Duration: 26min

    The people of the Lord today are scattered about bruised and beaten down by the religious establishment of the modern day church. The preaching of the true Word of God has been forsaken and forgotten. The Church has been invaded by hirelings and the gospel has been replaced by entertainment. The congregation has accepted the change and welcomed the Devil to speak in the pulpit. We make every effort to have the best worship team and the latest secular Christian music to be sung on Sunday morning just to fulfill the flesh. There is no reverence in the so called house of God today. People don-t fear the Lord anymore. That-s why the world is in a mess and the church also. The result of lukewarm Christianity has polluted the house of God and has turned it into a rock concert and a dance club. Casual dress code seductive clothes wifi to keep up with the latest social media during service and the door way to hell left wide open to the congregation. The attitude of most Christians today is useless. No concern and no

  • Soul-ed for the Pleasures of Life! // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    28/06/2015 Duration: 13min

    God has provided a way through the death and resurrection of His only Son the Lord Jesus Christ for mankind to be redeemed, justified, and sanctified through the blood that was shed at Calvary.----The Lord Jehovah has provided the evidence of His existence through His creation. He has placed a standard in the hearts and DNA of us all that triggers the moral conscience and delivers instant rebuke against immorality to the soul of mankind.----We have no excuse to continue in our sin, we can only continue to ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit, which will eventually leave us with a seared conscience.----The United States of America has said no to God and His laws. We have said no to His existence and to His Word. We have said no to His prophets and no to His Son Jesus Christ.----We have said no we do not believe and no we-re not afraid and the fear of God has been eliminated from the conscience of man.

  • The Sleep Of Death // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    21/06/2015 Duration: 30min

    I-ve been hearing a lot of comments lately concerning the Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ.----The Bible speaks of a time when great distress will come upon the whole earth and cause disease, destruction, famine, war, pestilence, earthquakes, tsunamis, and ultimately a one world leader who will claim that he is the one and only god, the Antichrist.----There are those of the opinion that this Antichrist is already alive on the earth today, in fact many believe that he is the current President of the United States Barack Obama.----I cannot and will not confirm this accusation but only observe as a Watchman and see with my eye-s the motions he has put into place and hear with my ears the declarations and blasphemous comments that he has stated.----I believe that when a people and a nation turn their back on God and his commandments, the only remedy for correction is calamity.----God will always provide for His people and the result of a sleeping backslidden church will only bring His Judgment.

  • Dis-CERN-ing the Times: Returning to the Tower of Babel // WebPreach.com

    14/06/2015 Duration: 38min

    Since the Garden of Eden the search for ideas, inventions, and excuses to challenge the instructions given by God has been rejected and manipulated by the enemy to persuade the hearts of mankind to become gods themselves. This seed of corruption started with an angel that had great prominence and position in the Kingdom of God, but through his pride and arrogance sin was brought forth and iniquity was revealed.----.....................----In 1954 a European research organization was formed that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. This organization was formed and given the titled CERN which is an acronym for -Counsel European Research Nuclear-. CERN is located in a northwest suburb of Geneva located on the Franco-Swiss border and has 21 European member states, including Israel, which is the first and currently only non-European country granted full membership.----CERN's main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics resea

  • The Sower // WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    07/06/2015 Duration: 55min

    I am the Sower and I-m sewing the seeds of truth. WebPreach is about sewing seeds of truth in an hour of great deception, while many are sewing seeds of the flesh for positions and titles, we here at WebPreach will continue to preach as a voice crying in the wilderness for all that will have ears to hear the truth, to repent and be saved.----Jeremiah 4-3 - For thus saith the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns.----The Church of Jesus Christ is shipwrecked today it has lost its saltiness. Christians are no longer taking a stand against the things that are wicked in the sight of God.----1 Timothy 1-19 Holding faith, and a good conscience- which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck-----We have become passive to the evil in the world. We will not concern ourselves with the issues of immorality. We will not concern ourselves with the sins of the world, because we have become part of the world. We have hidden our sin and have not repente

  • Remedy for Revival: Sin in the Camp || WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    01/06/2015 Duration: 32min

    Are you looking for revival in your life- Is your life filled with the power of the Holy Ghost- Is the power of God manifesting in your life daily- Are you a light in this dark world- Is there hidden sin in your life- Do you have un-confessed sin in your life-----Psalms 66-18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me-----............................----The Modern Day Christian today is just like Achan, the love for the things of this world have caused them to develop a hard heart, a rejection of the true Word of God and therefore leaving themselves with a guilty conscience and have severed the lines of communication to God.----Millions of Christians and ministers behind the pulpit who are addicted to pornography and hiding behind the church office doors indulging in sin daily and their taking the things of God and desecrating them when they are to be holy and sanctified to the Lord.----The Lord is waiting patiently for you to turn from your sin, but He will one day bring His judgment into pl

  • Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies: Lust and Pride || WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    25/05/2015 Duration: 54min

    We are the light of the world- we have chosen wisdom over foolishness. We have chose separation over conformity. We have chosen to live a life that is holy and acceptable to the Lord. We have chosen persecution over being politically correct and a life that few choose to follow.--Millions will claim to believe in Jesus Christ, but their lifestyles and fruit that they bare reflect the true god that they worship.----The topics of worldliness, homosexuality, abortion, alcohol, drug addiction, and pornography do not and will not be heard behind most pulpits. The Church of the world is married to the world and that is why you see the world and the devices of it in the churches now.----.....................----Day after day, lie after lie my secret un-confessed sin was putting me in the spiritual chains of captivity. I was choosing a career over my Christianity. I told lies about the immoral things that I had seen- I had conversations with the opposite sex that were not honoring to my wife. I developed immoral thou

  • The Standard Is Coming || WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    27/04/2015 Duration: 39min

    Jeremiah 51-12 Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes- for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he spake against the inhabitants of Babylon.----The standard of righteousness and the fear of God has been forgotten here in America and judgment from a Holy God is at the door.----Judges 17-6 In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.----We do what is right in our own eye's today and do not consider the judgment that is coming.----Preaching the fear of God in the today-s world is offensive. Not only to unbelievers but also too many people who claim to be believers. People of the world have no fear that's why you see them jumping out of plains thousands of feet up in the sky. Mankind is constantly looking for ways to feed there destitute lives.

  • The Cyclical Savior || WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    19/04/2015 Duration: 22min

    Many people in the world today have what we call a backup plan an alternative option, a substitute plan to put into play if the original plan doesn't work out the way they thought it would.----Having a back up plan is a good idea but when it comes to your eternal salvation, it's a matter of life and death. Many people of the world come from various cultures and different beliefs and religions.----Most people in the world today just follow the leader and believe what they are told, they don't take the time to search out a matter and to seek out the truth.

  • The Warning - WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    12/04/2015 Duration: 21min

    Here lately I have found myself to be weighed down by the events and obligations that are in my life. This weight has played the role of getting me side tracked on the things of God and have caused me to be fixed on the things of this world. I'm sharing this with you because I believe that I'm not the only one going through this battle. Many brothers and sisters of the Lord are out there and are fighting this same spiritual war. I have been studying Bible prophecy for a long time and I know that we are in the Last days. Jesus Christ will soon return- This message is to give you hope and encourage you to keep on the firing line.

  • Turning Away - WebPreach.com with Dan Roller

    29/03/2015 Duration: 24min

    Turning away from the truth is the response that many people have chosen today.--Millions have chosen to stay on that wide road that leads to destruction and many believers in Jesus Christ have changed their course and have departed from the faith for a religion that produces an emotional high and gives a synthetic satisfaction to the flesh.--I say synthetic because it is not real, it's only a short lived emotional high, just like alcohol or drugs and it will leave you empty and only searching for a stronger substitute to satisfy the soul.--The only substitute that can bring satisfaction is in the Lord Jesus Christ and when you choose to submit and follow Him there is no looking back.

  • Walking In The Dark - webpreach.com

    22/03/2015 Duration: 25min

    Many Christians today are facing the most difficult times in their lives now. The Darkness is here and the deception is staggering. The engagement between the light and darkness is here.----Wickedness is the norm of today and righteousness is eschewed by the masses. The House's of God have been invaded by the corruption of man's ideals and man's manipulation of God's word. The rhetoric coming from today's pulpits is a pep talk of self gratification and a deceptive encouragement toward living a lifestyle of sin.

  • The Joke's On You - webpreach.com

    15/03/2015 Duration: 15min

    Luke 6-25 Woe unto you that are full- for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now- for ye shall mourn and weep.--To the wicked who choose to turn their backs on the things and the way's of God, you will soon find yourself in a hell that you never could of imagined. There are those who choose to believe in other god's and those who choose to believe that there is no God at all. The reality of our position with God or who we choose to believe in, or not believe in will become transparent very soon. The time for ignoring and choosing your own will is over. We live in the time's that the Prophet's of God spoke about thousands of years ago.

  • Synthetic Harvest - webpreach.com

    22/02/2015 Duration: 32min

    Every day we sow and reap a harvest. Many people today are sowing a synthetic harvest that is nonproductive, and it's not effective in the harvest for lost souls. This synthetic harvest produces a false sense of reality and a demonic illusion to the truth of what is soon to come upon the earth. This synthetic harvest will only bring you full circle to a state of emptiness, and false hope that will lead you bitter and confused. This synthetic harvest will only produce a short-lived emotional high that will be linked with the ideas of the world, flesh, sin and a compromised decision of spiritual suicide with a life of immorality. This synthetic harvest produces pain, hurt, and guilt that will produce another harvest of bondage and a eternity in hell.

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