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  • Stronger Than All - webpreach.com

    15/02/2015 Duration: 23min

    Stronger than all is the only begotten Son of God the Father who was manifested in the flesh.--Stronger than all is the One who rejected the adversary -Satan- and rebuked his temptation.--Stronger than all is the One who can calm the raging sea.Stronger than all is the One who when challenged by those claiming to know God proclaimed His prominence.--Stronger than all is the One who chose the will of His father over the will of the flesh. Stronger than all is the One when after being beaten, accused, betrayed and hated by the majority, stood before men of renown and said in- --Matthew 26-64 Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said- nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.--Stronger than all is the One who was crucified dead and buried and three days later rose from the dead and defeated death and is now seated at the right hand of the Father.--Stronger than all is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ.

  • Walking In The End Times - webpreach.com

    08/02/2015 Duration: 29min

    The Lord has given me a passion and burden for His people and His church and for the lost souls of mankind. As we look around the world today it's easy to see that the world is heading straight to hell.--2 Peter 3-9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness- but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.--The evidence of evil in the world today has grown to a state of emergency in the spiritual realm.--Many once Holy Ghost filled Christians are falling away from the truth one by one. The storm is here and the raging waters of deception have come in like a flood and have challenged all believers with the temptations of the world and has caused the multitudes to compromise God's will and purpose for His people.

  • Just Like Judas -webpreach.com

    01/02/2015 Duration: 23min

    The Church of today has become like the one who once betrayed Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot. The Spirit of Judas has once again invaded the church and has joined the congregation of believers. This Spirit has breached the hearts and minds of many Christians because of compromise and slothfulness and the resistance to hear the true words of God.

  • Living Above The Law - webpreach.com

    25/01/2015 Duration: 32min

    There's been a watering down of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a false gospel that has led astray and flooded the house of God and the lives of many Christians today and from the past.----A great deception is underway here in America and around the world. It's a falling away from the truth and the things of God.

  • The Implosion Of Modern Christianity- webpreach.com

    18/01/2015 Duration: 26min

    Modern Christianity of today is like a drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the road and racing into a head on collision with reality. That is what is coming soon to the free countries of the world including Babylon the Great. -AMERICA-

  • Watchmen and The New World Order- Interview with Leonard Ulrich- webpreach.com

    16/01/2015 Duration: 167h00s

    My first interview with Leonard Ulrich.

  • Does Father Still Know Best? - Interview with Guy Minott - webpreach.com

    16/01/2015 Duration: 01h39min

    My first interview with Guy Minott

  • The Rise Of Islam - Interview with Guy Minott - webpreach.com

    16/01/2015 Duration: 01h09min

    My second interview with Sergeant First Class Guy Minott on The Rise Of Islam in America and in the world.

  • Call Of Duty - webpreach.com

    11/01/2015 Duration: 23min

    The time is now for the real believers, and follower's of Jesus Christ to stand up-

  • Fire It Up - webpreach.com

    04/01/2015 Duration: 21min

    The New Year is here, the fig tree is ripe, the earth is ready for harvesting of souls, the sign's of Jesus Christ to return are impending.

  • Hammer Of Judgment - webpreach.com

    28/12/2014 Duration: 25min

    The hammer of God's judgment is upon us. Yet we sleep on in our slothfulness, and ignore the signs of his Day of Wrath. If we read the headlines of today, it's easy to see that we are well under the hand of judgment. We as a country here in America have changed the true Son of God into a politically correct character, who turns the other cheek at any sin. We have taken God out of our lives, and have replaced him with another god. The god of money, murder, sensuality, greed, and entertainment.

  • Sleeping On Your Cross - webpreach.com

    20/12/2014 Duration: 12min

    I say to you today, Sleep on Christians- Sleep on Church- Sleep on America- Sleep on world-----Russia is symbolized as the bear. We here in Babylon the great have been messing with the bear's honey. What do you think that bear is going to do-

  • Repentance | webpreach.com

    14/12/2014 Duration: 35min

    The hour is now to pick up you cross and follow Jesus Christ.--If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ it is time to stop compromising the word of God.--You must come out of the--Jesus is telling us to be ready for His return.

  • Considering The Cost - webpreach.com

    06/12/2014 Duration: 15min

    Each day we wake up to find that there are changes that have occurred in our lives and around the world. Some wake to the news of a relative or a close friend that has died or been tragically killed. Some wake to find that they themselves are sick with disease and are facing death. Many begin there day with drug or alcohol abuse, and alter their minds from the reality of their life's condition. Some begin their day with picking up the remote control to their television and they tune into the corruption that comes from the poisonous broadcasting media and mind numbing, time wasting television programs. Some wake to run right to there cell phones, iPads, and laptop computers to get the latest updates from their favorite social media. There are all kinds of distraction in the world today that can lead us off on the wrong path, and the end result is time wasted time lost and even some cases lives lost for eternity.

  • Stop, Look, and Listen - webpreach.com

    01/12/2014 Duration: 34min

    Are you watching for the Lord Jesus Christ today- Are you looking constantly for him- Have you forsaken all the cares and hopes for this life and turned your focus on Jesus Christ- Does the thought of Him returning any moment keep you from willful sin- Have you been preparing for his return- Have you been cleaning house- Have you gotten the things that are hindering your walk with him out of your life for good- Is your house in order- Is your heart right- Are you humble and casting out all pride and arrogance- Are you ready to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and give an account- Have you been distracted by the things of the world-

  • Weighed In The Balances - webpreach.com

    22/11/2014 Duration: 15min

    The warning continues to go out into the world, repent and stop your sinning. Stop your compromising, stop justifying your sins. Stop hiding behind the curtain of religion. It is time to wake up from your slumber America-----Thou art weighed in the balances America, and art found wanting.

  • Persuaded by Death - webpreach.com

    16/11/2014 Duration: 43min

    What will it take for people to wake up and hear the warning that God-s word gives us- All through history mankind has turned a deaf ear to warnings, signs, wonders, and judgments.----We welcome you to another broadcast from WebPreach- You can contact Dan at drollerwebpreach-gmail.com. Feel free to comment and let us know your listening. Visit the website at webpreach.com

  • Dead Silence - webpreach.com

    03/11/2014 Duration: 26min

    We welcome you to another broadcast from WebPreach- You can contact Dan at drollerwebpreach-gmail.com. Feel free to comment and let us know your listening. Visit the website at webpreach.com

  • What Is Truth? - webpreach.com

    27/10/2014 Duration: 27min

    What is the truth today-----What is the truth about Christianity and how a true Christian is supposed to live act and function-----If you look at Christianity in America-Babylon the Great-- you will see a people who say that they are -The People of the Lord and are followers and believers in Jesus Christ.----You will see a people who operate in a organized form of religion like a colony of ants.----We're persuaded to believe that if we say a little prayer, and go to church on Sunday, and once during the week, that Jesus will love and save us from all harm and destruction.----You will see a people who are quick to claim to God's promises and blessings, but stagnant to carry out the commands of Jesus Christ.----You will see a people who will not stand against the important issues today, that are destroying our nation and the world like abortion, homosexuality, drugs alcohol pornography,television, movies, and music.----You will see a people who measure the truth, and move of God by mankind, the amount of people

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