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Every week, Keegan On, Amaan Bashir, and Rob Attrell sit down with interesting people in Ottawa, Canada to discuss events, culture and the city of Ottawa at its best.


  • Ottawhat 123 – Grant McSheffrey


    On the show this week, we sat down with Ottawa’s own 3-time Jeopardy Champion, Grant McSheffrey.

  • Ottawhat 122 – Marc Evans


    This week’s episode features Canadian astronaut candidate and up-and-coming Ottawa craft brewmaster Marc Evans.

  • Ottawhat 121 – James Fitzgerald (Tespa Carleton)


    On this episode, we spoke with James Fitzgerald, a Carleton student who runs the Carleton esports (Tespa) program on campus.

  • Ottawhat 120 – Brian Kom


    This episode features a professional fantasy hockey expert and one of the co-hosts of the Keeping Karlsson podcast, Brian Kom! He shares some of his experiences spending two years in Japan, along with dispensing some fantasy hockey advice and sharing his favourite ramen in Ottawa.

  • Ottawhat 119b – Cait O’Malley (Live from Backdrop)


    This week on the show, we recorded live with two guests (see part 1 here). This interview features Cait O'Malley, owner of Bourbon & Bloom, a wedding and events planning business she started after corporate event planning started to get very repetitive.

  • Ottawhat 119a – Tavis Maplesden (Live from Backdrop) [19+]


    This week on the show, we recorded live with two guests (see part 2 here). This section features our interview with Tavis Maplesden, a stand-up comedian and new dad who is almost entirely satisfied with his home in Centretown.

  • Ottawhat 118 – Amanda McLaren


    Our guest this week, Amanda McLaren, writes What Happens In Ottawa, a fun blog showcasing all the interesting things you can do around the city. She's had so many fun experiences over the last year and gave us a few great things to check off our lists for 2017!

  • Ottawhat 117 – Unlocked Ottawa (Candice Gertsman & Calvin Joy)


    On the show this week, the crew talked to Candice and Calvin from Unlocked Ottawa, two of the proud co-founders of the first competitive escape room in Ottawa. We got to try out the competitive, team-based Krylon Crew room in December, and we can confirm it’s a totally new and challenging experience. Hear how the… Continue reading Ottawhat 117 – Unlocked Ottawa (Candice Gertsman & Calvin Joy)

  • Ottawhat 116 – Lynn Kirkpatrick (Dodgeball Ottawa)


    This episode features a conversation with a representative of Canada’s national dodgeball team and one of the founders of Dodgeball Ottawa, Lynn Kirkpatrick (along with her husband and co-founder Spencer Sarault). Learn about competitive dodgeball as it’s played around the world and in Ottawa, and hear how Lynn’s team came home with a silver medal… Continue reading Ottawhat 116 – Lynn Kirkpatrick (Dodgeball Ottawa)

  • Ottawhat 115 – Scott Sewell


    On this episode of the podcast, we interviewed Scott Sewell. This entrepreneur has started his own business selling ice cream in Ottawa, and is giving a portion of his profits to mental health facilities. Hear from Scott how he’s seen Ottawa change as he grows up in the city. Sponsor – This episode is also… Continue reading Ottawhat 115 – Scott Sewell

  • Ottawhat 114 – Clodie Gravel


    Registered dietician and health care food service worker Clodie Gravel joins the guys this week. She tells us about the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist, discusses the important of food security, and shares the highlights of her recent trip to Costa Rica. Sponsor – This episode is also brought to you in part… Continue reading Ottawhat 114 – Clodie Gravel

  • Ottawhat 113 – Rhapsody Blue


    On the podcast this week, we sat down with Rhapsody Blue, a burlesque performer who produces a weekly burlesque show at the Bourbon Room. We talked about the alternative arts scene in Ottawa, different types of burlesque, and a little about keeping a day job while pursuing your passion at night. Sponsor – This episode… Continue reading Ottawhat 113 – Rhapsody Blue

  • Ottawhat 112 – Calvin McCormick


     On the show this week, we sat down with live audio expert Calvin McCormick. He specializes in analog sound equipment, and shared some of his music knowledge with us, in addition to shedding light on some of the best live music venues in the city. Sponsor – This episode is also brought to you in… Continue reading Ottawhat 112 – Calvin McCormick

  • Ottawhat 111 – Matt Haché (OAMA)


    This week, we spoke with OAMA instructor Matt Haché. He discusses some of the lessons he’s learned in his BJJ training, tells us stories from some of his fights, and tells us how having to retake grade one helped him get better at learning. Check out Ground Games – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on October 21 at… Continue reading Ottawhat 111 – Matt Haché (OAMA)

  • Ottawhat 110 – Colin White


    On the show this week, we sat down with Colin White, an urban sketcher who has made a name for himself by immortalizing everyday Ottawa landmarks with beautiful, unique artwork. We discuss work as a freelance artist and graphic designer, preserving and restoring community landmarks in Ottawa, as well as Colin’s attempt to turn his… Continue reading Ottawhat 110 – Colin White

  • Ottawhat 109 – Ask Ottawhat


    This week, the guys take a break from guests, and sit down to discuss what’s going on around our fair city, and answer some burning questions about Ottawa from the Internet. Sponsor – This episode is also brought to you in part by Visit today and get a free audiobook and free 30-day trial, and… Continue reading Ottawhat 109 – Ask Ottawhat

  • Ottawhat 108 – Matt LeBlanc (Secular Recovery Ottawa)


    On the show this week, we met with Matt LeBlanc, who joined us to discuss his work with Secular Recovery Ottawa. We learn a lot about addiction recovery and hear how Matt turned his life around, and how he is now helping others do the same. Sponsor – This episode is also brought to you… Continue reading Ottawhat 108 – Matt LeBlanc (Secular Recovery Ottawa)

  • Ottawhat 107 – Jeff Menzies


    This week’s episode features Jeff Menzies, an urban agriculture and food security expert who has moved from dreams of being a chef, to helping feed people on a much larger scale. We chat about the non-profit work he’s doing, as well as the best (super healthy, for the most part) places to eat around Ottawa.… Continue reading Ottawhat 107 – Jeff Menzies

  • Ottawhat 106 – Anne-Marie Cenaiko


    On the show this week, we talk to Anne-Marie Cenaiko, who works in communications for the government and volunteers all over the city. Hear all about the best Ottawa “foodie” hotspots, what you need to get to the Sandbanks on a bike trip, and yet another endorsement for House of Targ. Sponsor – This episode… Continue reading Ottawhat 106 – Anne-Marie Cenaiko

  • Ottawhat 105 – Stefan Jurewicz


    This episode, the boys sit down with Stefan Jurewicz, a music producer and audio engineer who is currently a part of two bands, Onionface and Trunk. We also learn a little bit about dystopian literature, a favourite of Stefan’s, before discussing music, art and coffee in Ottawa. Sponsor – This episode is also brought to… Continue reading Ottawhat 105 – Stefan Jurewicz

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