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A podcast where I ask you to give me creative prompts to write to. I write a piece and perform it on the show. Its that simple. Feed me please.


  • Katie Bates And Rose Zita Falko - Singer Songwriters

    18/12/2019 Duration: 54min

    I am stoked to be talking to two amazing Melbourne based singer songwriters in the shapes of Katie Bates and Rose Zita Falko. Oceans of gratitude to my producer Derek Myers of Castaway Studios and the generous support of Luxe Country.

  • Mikki Michelle - The Stripping Songstress

    29/11/2019 Duration: 37min

    Mikki Michelle refers to herself as a Stripping Songstress. You may be more familiar with the term Burlesque Artist. Either way she's our first dancer as a guest on the show and we had a most excellent chat!As well as being a singer/cabaret performer she's also the director and founder of Cabaret Abnormal, which has been running in Canada and Australia since 2016. Cabaret Abnormal present Riot Circus at 24 Moons in Northcote on the 29th November. Featuring Mikki Miichelle herself as well as Miss Burlesque Australia 2019 Bettie Bombshell! Also starring O Nyx, Izzy Bellissima, Aleksandra the Great, Cat Scurvy and Stage kitten: Penny DropsTickets available here!

  • Abdulrahman Hammoud

    08/11/2019 Duration: 01h17min

    What a blast to chat with Abdulrahman Hammoud.Poet, teacher and founder of The Dirty Thirty Writing Challenge and editor/compiler of The Dirty Thirty Anthology. You can purchase the Dirty Thirty Volume 2 Anthology right here! Thank you so much to my producer Derek Myers and Castaway Studios. And to my generous supporter Luxe Country. Whelan... out.

  • Absolute Beginners - Live At The Merri Creek Tavern

    21/10/2019 Duration: 01h23min

    More Than A Whelan goes live once again at the glorious Merri Creek Tavern. Featuring special guests Maggie Alley, Natasha Johanna, Gabriela Georges, Jessica At Birth and Mitch Power!  Please note because I'm a dickhead I accidentally introduced Gabriela by the wrong name surname on stage. Apologies Gabriela!

  • Peter Bakowski

    02/10/2019 Duration: 01h06min

    Peter Bakowski was one the first poets I ever met. So it was an absolute joy to talk to him about all things poetry in the Castaway Studios. To keep up on Peter's work please visit here.

  • Peter Drew - Poster Boy

    26/09/2019 Duration: 59min

    Peter Drew is one the most iconic artists in Australia, he has a new book out through Black Inc called Poster Boy, he's the first street artist we've had as a guest on the show and it was an absolute joy to talk to him.You may not immediately know his name but chances are high that if you live in a major Australian city then you've probably seen his work.

  • Sad Is Rad Live At The Toff In Town For Melb Writers Fest

    20/09/2019 Duration: 46min

    For the very first time More Than A Whelan is presented as a live show for the Melbourne Writers Festival. With special guests Hannah Blackburn, Natalie Jeffreys, Aurelia St Clair and Justin Bernasconi. Plus the debut performance of Crystal Veins. The first Sad is Rad event took place at the Merri Creek Tavern in May this year. Have a listen to Episode 28 if you want to experience the birth of Sad is Rad. It was a hell of show featuring Jaymee Leyana, Amarina Waters, Ben Mastwyk, Patrick Wilson, Poppy Sloan, Caitlin Saunders and Ben Pobjie. I loved the experience so much I pitched the concept of the show as a possible event at the 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival and I was stoked they thought it would be a perfect fit. So on Sunday 8th September More Than A Whelan made its debut at the Melbourne Writers Festival only a year after the podcast was started! Sad is Rad was the theme of this show, an exploration of the theme of melancholy through music, poetry/storytelling and comedy.  Our first performer for t

  • Bill Moran

    16/08/2019 Duration: 01h27min

    So good to have a chin wag with two time Austin Poetry Slam Champion Bill Moran on his sixth visit to Australia.Bill starts of the show with a powerful poem called Fortis Collum Hymnus from his brand new chapbook titled Dragged Into Heaven By The Hair.Bill also reads another work from his chapbook, a poem called Saint Nikolas Challenges Senator Marco Rubio To A Fist Fight. One of the themes of the poem is around gun control. This was eerie timing as it was only a couple of days later when two mass shootings occured in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. Nine people were killed in the Dayton shooting and twenty-two in the El Paso shooting.I read a poem inspired by the prompt boxes, boxes, boxes by Stephanie Robinson. Thank you Steph!My poem is called There Are No Words Anymore.Bill reads a poem untitled written especially for the show inspired by a visual prompt by Mileta Rien. Thanks Mileta!Bill performs another poem called Dream Funeral

  • Arielle Cottingham

    08/08/2019 Duration: 01h14min

    So damn pleased to have our very first international guest in the Castaway Studios, Arielle Cottingham, the Texas born 2016 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. Arielle is an Afro-Latina poet, performance artist, and dancer. She began performing spoken word in 2014 while studying at the University of Melbourne. In September 2015, she began a career as a full-time working performance poet, as well as creative producer of Slamalamadingdong. She published a chapbook in 2016, The Tarantist's Soapbox. Her first full book of poetry Black and Ropy was published in July 2017 with Pitt St. Poetry.

  • Adam Gibson

    31/07/2019 Duration: 48min

    Thrilled to have a chat with poet/performer and Bondi royalty Adam Gibson (The Ark-Ark Birds, Modern Giant, The Aerial Maps) at the Coogee Bay Hotel. I want to start by apologising to all the residents of Coogee Bay for pronouncing Coogee incorrectly. Thank you Adam for bringing that to my attention. And thank you Adam for reminding me of the incredible history of Selina's, the band venue at the very hotel we recorded this episode at. Selina's has hosted Nirvana, Midnight Oil, INXS and many other legends of music by Australian and international. I found the link to the D Generation skit of Melbourne themed songs that Adam spoke of! You can listen to Adam's 'Angie Hart' track right here. Years later Going Down Swinging would commision Angie Hart to write and perform a response to Adam's piece. You can read the story of that here.Adam performs a poem on the show called The Shark. You can hear the recorded version of this with this band The Aerial Maps right here.Oceans of gratitude as always to my producer Dere

  • Paul Mitchell

    25/07/2019 Duration: 45min

    So good to have novelist, poet and performer Paul Mitchell in the Castaway Studios for a chat. Paul's short fiction collection, Dodging the Bull (Wakefield Press) was published in 2007 and was part of the 2008 The Age State Library Summer Read. He has also published three collections of poetry, Minorphysics (IP, 2003), Awake Despite the Hour (Five Islands Press, 2007) and Standard Variation (Walleah Press, 2014). And his novel We Are Family was published in 2016.I start the show performing a very old piece of mine from 1995 called Coughing Up Ink, originally published in Verandah.Paul and I have a chat about My Coffin Lid, My Shield, a recorded collaboration with Simon Mason and his upcoming performance of this album on August 4th at the Night Heron.I finish the show by performing a poem inspired by the creative prompt 'the sound of animals snoring' by Annie Molenaar. Thank you Annie for the prompt!Annie Molenaar is also behind the brand new magazine from Unholy Matrimony callled UM, in which I have a new pie

  • Caitlin Saunders

    18/07/2019 Duration: 01h04min

    Performance poet Caitlin Saunders joins me under the disco ball in Castaway Studios for a chat about imaginary friends, favourite words and poetry! Check out the video for My Honest Poem, which was a year in the making! Produced by Rat Race Visual Media.Many thanks to Jaymee Leyana for providing the creative prompt 'Make-up Remover and Maccas' which inspired my poem this week and became title. Both Jaymee and Caitlin were special guests at the More Than A Whelan live show at Merri Creek Tavern, dedicated to the theme of melancholy. You can also see more of Jaymee's work on her Instagram page. Also many thanks to Cameron Semmens for the prompt 'Intergalactic Elephants' and Kim Jeffs for the prompt 'Frost Fractals.'Make-up Remover and MaccasJust under the lip of a freeway overpass on Eastlink there resides a Catalogue Spiritghost. Catalogue spiritghosts or Catagods as they referred to in the biz, place themselves in high traffic areas for humans and they watch and catalogue their daily toils. And the end of the

  • Brendan Bonsack

    20/06/2019 Duration: 01h16min

    Brendan Bonsack is a poet, musician, photographer and film maker. It was a pleasure to talk to him about all those things and more. Brendan is also on the committee for Melbourne Spoken Word who are launching their Spoken Word and Poetry Festival on July 12th. Get around it! We're very lucky to hear some music from Brendan on the show and you can hear a lot more of his music right here. His work is also available on Apple Music and Spotify, but if you're going to stream music then use Apple because they pay a MUCH higher rate to musicians. FACT.Links referred to in the show.

  • Moogy Morgan

    29/05/2019 Duration: 53min

    What a blast to talk to singer/songwriter/musician Moogy Morgan. Also our first full band session in Castaway Studios! She's joined by Venom on drums and Steve Hadley on bass.LINKS Imajinary Friends - Bandcamp

  • Cat Canteri And Justin Bernasconi

    27/05/2019 Duration: 01h31min

    So great to go mobile and visit musicians Cat Canteri and Justin Bernasconi at their beautiful house in Reservoir, Victoria.LINKS*this episode was intended to be released earlier but was delayed due to some tech problems on my behalf. I am filled with joy to finally it out to the world. It's a real good one! - Sean M Whelan.

  • Poppy Sloan

    24/05/2019 Duration: 59min

    A profoundly satisfying chat with wonderful poet/performer and founder of Inside Voices, Poppy Sloan. Inside Voices is a new monthly poetry open mic event, with a great emphasis on inclusion, held at the Merri Creek Tavern in Northcote. It's held on the last Tuesday of every month.

  • Farah Beaini

    17/05/2019 Duration: 57min

    Please continue to provide creative prompts. You can email them to .. or use Instagram A CASTAWAY STUDIOS PRODUCTIONSo good to chat with poet/performer/analyst Farah Beaini about death, life and everything in between! I start the show with a poem called I Can't Believe I Set Myself On Fire For This, recently published at Cordite Poetry Review for a Monster themed edition, edited by Nathan Curnow.I finished the show by making up a poem on the spot dedicated to my father Ronald Charles Whelan.Some links to topics spoken of during the show.Melbourne Spoken Word - your one stop shop for all things spoken word in Melbourne. up with Fridays with Farah at her professional Facebook page. And stay informed of all of Farah's future performances. THAN A WHELAN MERCH STORE THAN A WHELAN TO APPEAR AT INDIEPODFEST 2019

  • Sad Is Rad - Live At The Merri Creek Tavern

    14/05/2019 Duration: 01h47min

    A CASTAWAY STUDIOS PRODUCTION A live podcast recording at Merri Creek Tavern on the theme of Melancholy. So excited to present our second live show at Merri Creek Tavern with a cavalcade of special guests. They are in order of appearance: writer Jaymee Leyana, musician Amarina Waters, musicians Ben Mastwyk and Patrick Wilson, writer/performer Poppy Sloan, spoken word superstar Caitlin Saunders and comedian/writer Ben Pobjie. I finished the show with a poem written especially for the event and was accompanied with live improvisation by Ben Mastwyk and Patrick Wilson. Special thanks to my generous supporters in Castaway Studios and Luxe Country and to Merri Creek Tavern. This is the poem I wrote especially for this event. Sad is Rad It's always been a comfort. It's always been the thing to hang on to. An emotion is better than feeling nothing at all. It carried me through high school. If Melancholy is the pilot, then music is the plane that transports it. The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, Leonard

  • Tom Dockray

    28/03/2019 Duration: 51min

    So good to have a chat with singer/songwriter Tom Dockray. Tom is very impressed with the furniture in Castaway Studios, which is a great start to any interview. Tom grew up in Lilydale, Tasmania and was once in a thrash metal band called 'Dead Fred's Left Head'.We're lucky to have Tom perform an original song right in the studio called 'Mean Mr Sun.'Then he follows that up with a song called 'Onions.'Sean performs a poem he wrote inspired by his Muse of the Week, Amy, who provided the prompt 'fingerprints.'Whelan and Stealin'Tom reads the lyrics to a John Prine song called 'That's the Way the World Goes Around.'And Sean reads a poem by a poet called Matthue Roth called Subway Birds.World of Whelan - wow!In June Sean will be participating in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.Get your tickets now!Liner Notes Live presents The Blues Brothers - 14th JuneLiner Notes Live presents Ziggy Stardust - 15th JuneDon't forget that if you want to get yourself some sweet More Than A Whelan merch and be the coolest kid in town

  • Ben 'Tuffy' Lee Plus Bonus EZB

    16/03/2019 Duration: 55min

    This is a very unique episode recorded in a shipping container at Golden Plains music festival with Ben 'Tuffy' Lee. Plus a bonus poem from Emilie Zoey Baker recorded at Fairfield Boathouse.We start the conversation by talking about Tuffy's band The Dirty Bloods and what lead him to getting to the place where he would start his own band in his 40's.Many thanks to Ela Fornalska for being our MTAW Muse of the Week! Ela supplied the prompt 'Firsts', for which I wrote this poem.FIRSTS.My first kiss was at midnight on a boat shed deck on a Mornington Beach. She made me listen to Echo and the Bunnymen's 'Killing Moon' on her Walkman. The headphones dropped from my head as she kissed me into oblivion.My first taste of marijuana was from a bucket bong in a rock and roll St Kilda share house. A baptism of THC fire.My first punch I ever received was at 15 years old playing football for Beleura against Dromana. I tried to wrestle him away from a teammate who he was also punching and then he turned around and punched me