Juan Carls Aguiniga



Welcome to the speak life Radio Tunes your host one and only juan carls aguiniga were here you will recieve a word of Life spoken directly to your heart sharing the experience of forgiveness and grace Welcoming everyone from all backgrounds to recieve words of life in my program all i want is to bless you to benefit you and share HOPE in this world of confusion GOD iS LOVE everyone has a story to tell but not many want to listen well here in my show i care and i want to listen and give you the ingredient of LOVE HOPE ENCOURAGE PEACE :)


  • JCFAITHSQUAD PODCAST BY Juan Carlos Aguiniga

    02/01/2020 Duration: 56s

    My podcast will be about God love EXPRESSED through his faithful word and my personal growth with Jesus through his grace and love. I want to share my faith with everyone. Please know that your past doesn't determine your future believe today your are loved by our heavenly father and he wants you to know you are not a mistake. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/JCFAITHSQUAD /message