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  • 21 - tunchdown! plain ball

    11/09/2018 Duration: 01h54s

    play ball! the thot police are the thot refs as we tackle (lol) the topic of sports. everything from player safety to painkiller addiction to contracts and racism. mostly it’s about football since christina wasn’t here. enjoy!

  • 20 - bachelor in politics: the women tell all

    03/09/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    it’s an all thot takeover this week as the ladies gear up to cover women in politics! we got an estimated 422 female politicians running for house seats in the upcoming midterms and that means we got an estimated 4 ladies talking about gender, race, and pop culture! Elena from scienceFM is our guest this week and Elsie is back too! we cover primaries, the reshaping of American meme culture, and what nickname Elsie’s Filipino mother called her for 19 years. it’s a good one. Girl Scouts honor.

  • 19 - we’re gonna need a bigger fish

    25/08/2018 Duration: 51min

    after briefly changing to the YKS/mic dicta release schedule (sorry) the police are back and this time there in a freakin boat with @KrangTNelson. we’re all here to talk about the summer blockbuster, or should i say boatbuster, THE MEG. you know what that means: a lot of mama mia 2 discourse. so kick back, relax, slip in those ear buds (or ear boats) and enjoy. i ran out of boat jokes. donate to Shark Savers here: and the Natural Resources Defense Council: