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  • 002. The basics YouTube Music Promotion

    14/05/2021 Duration: 05min

    Is YouTube a good place for musicians, and what are some good content ideas for musician to create videos about? You want to be found as an online musician in Google and YouTube search, and your content will be a great part of your online portfolio. Optimize your YouTube channel in the best way possible, and get discovered by a new group of superfans. If you have any questions and/or want more information, check out Check out the latest tips here: YouTube: Instagram: LinkedIn: Feel free to rate and review the show on iTunes!

  • Music Promotion Made Easy - Episode 01

    08/04/2018 Duration: 07min

    In this first ever podcast of Music-Mindset (formerly AniMouseMusic), I talk about Music Promotion and Social Media Strategies to market your music online. If you want more information, tips, tricks, tutorials or free E-Books, visit