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The monthly podcast from CIO UK, the leading community of Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and IT directors in the UK. Interviews, discussions, musings and hob-nobbing with the UK's business technology leaders.


  • 25. Natural History Museum CIO Alison Davis with predecessors Ian Golding and David Thomas

    13/02/2020 Duration: 22min

    New Natural History Museum CIO Alison Davis joined her two predecessors Ian Golding and David Thomas during episode 25 of the CIO UK podcast to discuss digitisation, the sustainability agenda at the Natural History Museum, and the social, scientific and global role the institution has beyond its duties of archiving and displaying its vast collection. Speaking with CIO UK Editor Edward Qualtrough, the trio also discussed some of their favourite memories and displays at the museum, while former CIO 100 high-flyer Davis shared the value of CIOs having their team and organisation recognised in the annual CIO 100 celebration showcase of technology leadership and initiatives.

  • 24. TalkTalk CTO Gary Steen on technology, change, security, sustainability, and the 2020 CIO 100

    16/01/2020 Duration: 31min

    TalkTalk CTO Gary Steen spoke to CIO UK Editor Edward Qualtrough during episode 24 of the CIO UK podcast to discuss his role leading technology, change and security across Manchester-based telco and broadband provider. A member of the 2019 CIO 100, Steen - the Managing Director of Technology, Change and Security - spoke about the company's move from London to Salford and its new 'Tech City' HQ next to the BBC's Media City site, recruiting new skills in Manchester and the north west, how TalkTalk has made great strides in its customer experience proposition with data as the backbone, his interpretation of the CIO role, how TalkTalk has responded to its 2015 cyber breach, the organisation's sustainability agenda, and why CIOs should want to be part of the 2020 CIO 100.

  • 23. CIO of the Year Europe awards - Reflections and interviews with European CIO leaders

    19/12/2019 Duration: 38min

    CIOs representing organisations from Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK spoke to the CIO UK podcast at the inaugural CIO of the Year Europe awards held in Barcelona in November 2019. The first edition of the European CIO celebration recognised 10 technology leaders from eight different countries, with category winners Åshild Hanne Larsen, CIO at Norwegian energy company Equinor, Bankdata CIO Morten Gade Christensen, Sacyr Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Victor de Ávila Rueda, and Mars Petcare CIO Miao Song speaking to the CIO UK podcast about what their teams had achieved, the value of CIOs from across Europe celebrating as a group, and their priorities for 2020. We also heard from CIO of the Year Europe jury member Michael Loechle, the CIO at ABB Powergrid in Switzerland, as well as the UK's Dominic Howson and Chris Jekiel, technology leaders at Hovis and law firm Horwich Farrelly respectively. Åshild Hanne Larsen, Equinor CIO [2min 54sec] Victor de Ávila Rueda,