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    02/12/2018 Duration: 21min

    Bonus sunday epidsode

  • How to debate liberals and win every time

    30/11/2018 Duration: 21min

    Want to know how to beat any liberal in a arguement. well here it is the best way to destroy anyone who wants to come at you with big government goop.

  • Dr. Ford Is Lying

    01/10/2018 Duration: 22min

    Dr. Ford is lying, it is pretty obvious but in case you didnt know i will show you the facts that proves shes a complete fraud.

  • Pro Life Or Pro Choice, Does it Matter? (podcast) 8-30-18

    30/08/2018 Duration: 10min

    Look its no secret that Planned Parenthood was funded to erase the black community. To this day Planned Parenthood still affects the African American community more than any other. But we are supposed to forget about the evils that created the company and support governemnt funding of the organization.?

  • A Case For Capitalism (Podcast) 8-27-18

    27/08/2018 Duration: 10min

    We were taught to never put a knife or fork into the electrical wall socket Our parents, loved ones, and maybe even teachers warned us that if you put that metal into the socket you could get hurt or worse. So we listen to them, even though putting a utensil into that electrical gateway must be cool It would probably make sparks, crazy noises and maybe even explode I know secretly you want to try it, but we don’t because our parents, teachers and loved ones warned us against it. But what if you met someone who said that they knew a better way, a safe way of putting that fork into the wall socket. What if they claim that everyone else was doing it wrong. That all those previous attempts that ended poorly weren’t done correctly Would you do it? Would you take them up on the offer to try the new, safe way? If you haven’t caught on this is an analogy The fork is a metaphor for socialism, ironically the result of implementing both socialism and the fork in the socket will be the same. Every time a new

  • Blueprint For Success In College (Podcast) 8-20-18

    20/08/2018 Duration: 10min

    Millions of kids are starting college today or this week and since I have finished college and did amazing at it I have put together a blueprint that will for sure help you succeed. Take a listen and enjoy my 3 steps to excellence in college.