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  • The Sound Of Silence. Darren Jones of The SilencerCo Is On The X

    03/01/2019 Duration: 50min
  • Comfort, Warmth, Ducks & More - SitkaGear Product Manager Jim Saubier Is On The X

    20/11/2018 Duration: 48min
  • Oooh, Tastes Good - Campchef Pro Ryan Neeley Is On The X

    06/11/2018 Duration: 59min
  • Guns, Gear and More! Ducks Don't Stand A Chance - Jeff Watt Is On The X

    30/10/2018 Duration: 48min
  • Master Of Duck Calls, Calls For The Masters - Rick Dunn Of Echo Calls Is On The X

    23/10/2018 Duration: 36min
  • How Do You Get Into The Grind? Special Guest Bill Willroth Is On The X

    16/10/2018 Duration: 30min
  • Hooking Gators In Florida! Glade Harris From BPS Is On The X

    25/09/2018 Duration: 37min
  • Prepping For Duck Season (Part 3) w/ Freddy King - Etiquette In The Field, Young Hunters Safety, And The Final Wrap Up

    11/09/2018 Duration: 58min
  • Do Your Ladies Hunt? They Should! - Sophie Swaney Is On The X

    04/09/2018 Duration: 33min
  • Duck Season 2018 With Freddy King (Part 2) - Animal Crackers, A Floating Hat, And Don't Blow-Torch Your Throttle Cable

    28/08/2018 Duration: 01h03min
  • Prepping For Duck Season With Freddy King (Part 1) - Personal Health, Dog Health, Equipment Maintenance and More

    21/08/2018 Duration: 38min
  • How To Cook... ANYTHING! Special Guest "The Sporting Chef," Scott Leysath Is On The X

    14/08/2018 Duration: 32min
  • SuperStar Andrew Flair Is On The X - Fishing, Filming, Baits and Boats

    08/08/2018 Duration: 39min
  • Two Masters Of Catfishing, Mr. Jeff Dodd And The Legendary Bill Dance Are On The X

    10/07/2018 Duration: 43min
  • This Is A "CRAPPIE" Episode! We've Got Doug Wynn, Professional Guide on Kentucky Lake, To Share Some Of His Wisdom.

    12/06/2018 Duration: 39min
  • Fishing Is Life! From Mobile Alabama, We Have Jake Markris!

    06/06/2018 Duration: 31min
  • The Return Of CampChef! We've Got Ryan Neeley With Us To Share His Secrets Of Outdoor Eating

    22/05/2018 Duration: 33min
  • Ben Potter from Cana Outdoors goes over filming in hardcore weather conditions while getting the best footage

    08/05/2018 Duration: 40min
  • Special Guest Freddy King goes over the mud motor/surface drive ban on all state owned properties in Arkansas.

    30/03/2018 Duration: 28min
  • Special Guest George Young Jr. goes over cat fishing events, fish slaps and much more!

    23/03/2018 Duration: 43min
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