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Ready to shake things up? Kaitlyn Bristowe is creating a space where girls (and gents) can feel empowered to be themselves... because there's more to life than Instagram, right? Kaitlyn isn't afraid to keep it real as she talks with some of the biggest names in Hollywood! Get ready for lots of laughs, candid convo, taboo topics, unfiltered advice, and wine... lots of wine!


  • Gabby Bernstein: We Are All Manifesters

    09/08/2022 Duration: 50min

    Author, motivational speaker, podcast host, and spirit junkie Gabby Bernstein joins KB on the mic to help her (and all the Vinos) hop back on the ole manifesting saddle. Today’s conversation is all about how to shift your mindset, find your light and purpose, and ultimately become the super attractor you were meant to be. For those of you who want to bring amazing things into your life but don’t know exactly where to get started… this one’s for you! Gabby shares how she got into this work after experiencing trauma and reveals who will most benefit from her newest book, Happy Days, a book that goes deeper into her own experience and helps readers go from trauma to profound freedom and inner peace. Plus, the two discuss the concept of driftwood, their struggles with imposter syndrome, and why sometimes it’s okay to be secure in our insecurities. Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos: BÉIS: Right now, BÉIS is offering my listeners 15% off your first purchase by visiting

  • Grape Therapy: Bachelorette(s) LWT & Sarah Nicole Landry Live

    04/08/2022 Duration: 52min

    All the peeps are included in today’s episode: the humble podcast producers, Sarah Nicole Landry AKA The Birds Papaya, and DJ Jizz Face AKA Blake Horstmann (if you know, you know). First up, Kaitlyn and her producers give their LukeWarm (debatably ice cold) Thoughts (LWT) on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette(s), dive into a very important comment on KB’s Instagram, and give the lowdown of what happened at their live OTV watch parties. Then, it's time for Sarah Nicole Landry at the Toronto live podcast – a very special treat for the earholes of those Vinos who weren't able to attend IRL! They catch up and get real about everything from friendship to intimacy to relationships, and give some sexy confessions. Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos: HYUNDAI - Learn more at  

  • Mary Fitzgerald: Real Estate Tips, Selling Sunset, and IVF

    02/08/2022 Duration: 57min

    One of our favorite real estate agents, Mary Fitzgerald, joins Kaitlyn to talk all about her life on and off the Netflix sensation, Selling Sunset, and she is dropping facts left and right about buying and selling your next home. In today’s episode, Kaitlyn and Mary find out they have a few very important things in common… is it time for Kaitlyn to get into her second career and join the Selling Sunset cast!? The two dive into some firsts (including a Selling Sunset word association), worsts (like absolute nightmare clients), and reverse time to give younger Mary some advice. Plus, we get an update on Mary and Romain’s journey with IVF and embryo freezing as Kaitlyn opens up about her own experience freezing her eggs. Last but not least, Mary shares a hilarious confession involving a celeb client.  Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos: HYUNDAI - Learn more at   EUROPEAN WAX CENTER - Book your smooth escape with the experts at European Wax Center. Make a rese

  • Grape Therapy: Animal Facts with Kendall Long & Bachelorette(s) Recap

    28/07/2022 Duration: 01h09min

    We have plenty of content for your earholes today, Vinos, from a lukewarm Bachelorette(s) recap to Kaitlyn conquering her fear of pigeons (maybe…) with Kendall Long and Lo! First, KB is catching up with her producers about this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, revealing what part of the episode made her cry and what she thinks of the two leading ladies so far. Then, the always fascinating Kendall Long joins Kaitlyn and Lo to give us all the animal facts we never knew we needed (including which animals are evil and which get down and dirty) and to share all the behind-the-scenes of her new (and always interesting) relationship. Plus, the three discuss their favorite throwback movies, which animals are their true soul animals, and dive into the drama that was last year’s Bachelor in Paradise. The three wrap with a game of “how do you proceed?” and “fact or crap”. Bachelor Nation, this one’s for you. Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos: CARAWAY - Visit to take

  • Audrina Patridge: Setting the Record Straight & Relationship Red Flags

    26/07/2022 Duration: 54min

    OG reality TV star, mama, new author, and Kaitlyn-lookalike Audrina Patridge joins KB to spill all the behind-the-scenes tea from both The Hills and her off-camera life before and after filming. In her new book Choices: To the Hills and Back Again, she’s not holding back about all of the decisions she’s made throughout her life from her relationships and divorce to raising daughter Kirra to onscreen kisses that she would’ve rather passed on. Plus, she’s sharing her first ever dating experiences, the worst parts of being known from reality TV, and what she’d change (or wouldn’t change) if she could reverse time. Last but definitely not least, Kaitlyn’s Hills-related confession is one you’re going to want to hear (and see on the ‘gram).  Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos:  PRIMAL KITCHEN - Go find Primal Kitchen in your local grocery store or visit to get 20% off your order! PROGRESSIVE - Quote at to join the over 27 million drivers

  • Grape Therapy: Keeping Up With the Traveling Freys

    21/07/2022 Duration: 57min

    We all remember these lovebirds from The Blairette, where Kaitlyn set Blaire up with a few potential suitors including the literal love of her life, Luke. It’s a tale as old as time: the two met through KB’s Instagram/podcast series, fell in love, got married, and are now traveling the freakin’ world together. Literal dream come true, right? Well, yes and no. Blaire and Luke caught up with KB in early June (long overdue) to talk about life as a married couple and what it’s been like to travel together for several months - the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. They are sharing all the deets, including how they’re affording this trip of a lifetime, how their priorities have shifted through it all, what challenges they have faced during the trip, and what we don’t see on social media. They’re also revealing a very sexy confession from their time abroad and playing a game of travel favorites so you can get all the best recs for your next adventure. Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vin

  • Blake Horstmann & Giannina Gibelli: The Cutest and Worst-Kept Secret

    19/07/2022 Duration: 01h01min

    Today’s guests were supposed to find love on dating shows, which makes sense, but accidentally found each other on a party competition show that involved getting absolutely wrecked for 18 days straight. How romantic! In the most shocking relationship debut of the decade, Blake and Giannina are updating KB and the Vinos on all the relationship deets: behind-the-scenes of All Star Shore filming, their pet peeves after basically living together, what it was like to keep their relationship a “secret” for seven months, and what’s next in their romance. Did they watch each other’s shows before meeting IRL? And now, after seven months of hiding out, are they sick of eachother yet? Plus, Kaitlyn, Blake, and Gi are getting into this season of The Bachelorette and breaking down some recent Bachelor Nation drama that involves sharing receipts… a very controversial move. Last but definitely not least, Blake and Giannina reveal their sexy confessions and play a game of “Most Likely To.” Thank you to our sponsors! Check ou

  • Grape Therapy: Bachelor Newsflash & The Meaning of Life with Robyn Schall

    14/07/2022 Duration: 53min

    Comedian and part-time newscaster Robyn Schall is back with Kaitlyn to talk about some of life’s most important topics including prank ideas, foot fetishes, breaking news from Bachelor Nation, and the entire meaning of our existence. Robyn catches Kaitlyn up on what life has looked like since they last spoke, which has mostly involved wearing more Kardashian-inspired looks around the city and dating multiple suitors because… why not? Then, Robyn and Kaitlyn discuss riveting news from the Bachelor world, give their lukewarm takes on this most recent season, and reveal both their sexual and non-sexual crushes of the moment. You won’t want to miss this hot duo live in action!  HYUNDAI - Learn more at   APARTMENTS.COM - The place to find a place. PROGRESSIVE - Quote at to join the over 27 million drivers who trust Progressive.

  • Clayton & Susie: Bachelorette Premiere and Navigating Backlash

    12/07/2022 Duration: 01h13min

    Claysie is back on the mic with KB and they have plenty to catch up on, from updates (and announcements) about their relationship to thoughts on the premiere episode of The Bachelorette, the “first” season with two leads! Clayton and Susie give all the behind the scenes of the first 6(ish) months of their relationship, including the struggles that almost made them give up and what they’ve learned about each other that has helped them to grow individually and as a couple. Then, it’s time to dig into the premiere: What did Claysie think about the “Clayton Sucks” jingle? Whose limo entrance was a favorite (KB & Susie def disagree)? Who has villian & future Bachelor potential (based on hairstyle & otherwise)? Plus, Clayton & Susie share the best piece of advice they have for those just starting their Bachelor Nation journey. PELOTON - Learn more at  HELIX - Helix is offering up to $200 dollars off all mattress orders AND two free pillows for my listeners at

  • Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Bio Breakdown with Caitlin Reilly

    07/07/2022 Duration: 01h20min

    The brilliant and hilarious Caitlin Reilly (AKA Paige Reilly) is with Kaitlyn (wrong spelling) in person to break down the newest bios from The Influencer Factory… oops, we meant The Bachelorette. These two have so much in common including their shared love of Degrassi and the word “snafu,” their computer passwords, and (kind of) their name and favorite colors. The two of them talk about their past and current lives and then get into what we’re all here for: the bios from the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, including one man that Caitlin realizes in the moment that she actually knows IRL, and one man who talks about love like it’s football… no wait, that's all of them. Even though Caitlin may be bored, Kaitlyn is definitely not as she listens to all of the hot takes coming her way. The word “fun” in “fun facts” is debatable this season, and Kaitlyn & Caitlin will tell you all the reasons why. We’re just having too much fun, don’t cancel us. VIZZY - To find Vizzy near you go to

  • Amanda Kloots: Dating Apps, Donuts, and Dancing with the Stars

    05/07/2022 Duration: 01h01min

    Amanda Kloots has a resume longer than the thigh-highs from her confession, with gigs including co-host of The Talk, founder of Amanda Kloots Fitness, and author of a bestselling book, just to name a few  —  but there’s so much more to her than her many accomplishments. Today, she’s in person catching up with KB about everything from her experience on Dancing with the Stars to raising her son Elvis to an idea for the next hot dating app… trust us, you’re going to want to download this one. These two are getting deep, discussing whether or not they believe in soulmates (and if they’ve found theirs), how they prioritize their mental health, and what it’s like trying to date as a mom who just entered a new decade. Plus, she reveals her Dancing with the Stars crush, her contradictory dating patterns, and what she would tell younger Amanda.TALKSPACE - Go to and make sure to use the code VINE to get $100 off of your first month. PROGRESSIVE - Quote at to join the over 27 million driver

  • Grape Therapy: Messages to Our Younger Selves with Becca Tilley

    30/06/2022 Duration: 01h07min

    We’ve got a real nail biter for you this week, Vinos… literally! Becca Tilley joins Kaitlyn with her mini mic in hand to unpack society’s box that people want us to fit into and then shove it up their a$$. Yep, that’s right. This is a judgment free zone, and Becca and Kaitlyn go there. Where exactly? They go all the way from Kaitlyn’s toenail fungus and makeup hacks to Becca’s views on religion and life in and out of the spotlight with Hayley. Nothing is off the table today, including Phoebe, who is sitting on Becca’s desk the entire podcast. KB & Becca address their relationship “icks” as that seems to be a point of contention for the internet, and Becca admits a level 1 confession that she has been holding onto for almost 20 years. Plus, so much juicy (and somewhat concerning) behind the scenes intel from Bachelor filming! HYUNDAI - Learn more at   STARBUCKS - STARBUCKS BAYA Energy drink is available online, at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations nationwide. CA

  • Jillian Harris: Home Is Where the Farm (& Wine) Is

    28/06/2022 Duration: 01h12min

    Kaitlyn and Jillian are coming to you straight from the flower farm, wine in hand and friendship very much intact since Jill last came on the pod a year ago. It’s a mini Bachelorette reunion (though they want to plan a full one) as the two catch up on everything from Jillian’s one million projects to their mutual love of manifesting to their upcoming nuptials. Jillian has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood (actually, some may have called her a scam artist) and the spirit lives on as she continues inspiring others through The Jilly Academy, her Jilly Boxes (with over a 100K waitlist), and her social impact… not to mention raising kids while operating an actual farm. While it may look perfect on the highlight reel, KB & Jilly bond over their shared struggles with comparison culture and imposter syndrome, how they’ve both learned and grown over the years (and how they’ve screwed up), and running their businesses with their hearts. Plus, you're not going to want to miss yet another hoo-ha confessio

  • Grape Therapy: Perfect Wine Pairings with Victoria Justice (& Lo!)

    23/06/2022 Duration: 50min

    Kaitlyn and Lo are BACK in your earholes this week as Victoria Justice joins them on the mic in studio for a glass of wine (or two or three). If you haven't seen Victoria’s new rom-com, A Perfect Pairing, on Netflix, you’re going to want to watch it ASAP because her character is basically Kaitlyn. Plus, the movie involves lots of puns, sheep, and of course, wine. Say less. Victoria tells KB & Lo all about what it was like to film in Australia with the cutest animals and most beautiful views. As the three of them are sipping on Spade & Sparrows, Kaitlyn explains how she, like Victoria’s character, became a wine connoisseur in an industry full of dudes. And to wrap up the episode, KB’s go-to sommelier, Samantha Capaldi, pops in to teach us all how to look like wine experts. You're gonna wanna have a glass (or bottle) near you for this one! STARBUCKS - STARBUCKS BAYA Energy drink is available online, at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations nationwide. CYMBIOTIKA - Use code OFFTHEVINE on c

  • Ramen & Pinot Tell All Through Jessica Lanyadoo, Animal Communicator

    21/06/2022 Duration: 01h07min

    What’s one of KB’s biggest birthday wishes? Talking to Ramen & Pinot, of course! So today, we got the closest we could as Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer, psychic medium, animal communicator, and podcast host, joins Kaitlyn to give her all the deets about her two boys. Jessica first tells us about her background and what it’s like to live with this gift. Even though it might seem like a dream, she shares why some animals just don’t want to communicate with us and which animals are “total dicks.” Then, she taps in to speak with Ramen, Kaitlyn’s ride or die guy, and Pinot, who has a few preferences that may just surprise you. These two pups are very different and today they’re revealing what makes for a perfect day with K&J and what makes for a total ‘no bones’ day. Jessica is not holding back on sharing what the golden guys (or girl?) are really thinking. Birthday wish granted!  STARBUCKS - STARBUCKS BAYA Energy drink is available online, at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations nationwide.

  • Grape Therapy: Ask Nick (& Kaitlyn and Lo) Relationship Hotline

    16/06/2022 Duration: 01h05min

    You just heard KB on Nick’s pod and now he’s back for round two, this time to answer all your burning relationship questions in a very special edition of Ask Nick… and Kaitlyn… and Lo (who is joining as co-host). But first, the three talk about their desire (or lack thereof) to go on Bachelor in Paradise, their relationships (or lack thereof) with their exes, and why, despite the TikTok narrative, everyone out there is not a gaslighting narcissist. Then, they get into Vino voicemails all about relationships with topics ranging from spicing things up in the bedroom and dealing with the dating apps to telling your partner they stink (literally) and moving on from an ex. Last but definitely not least, Kaitlyn and Nick both make prank calls, one of which involves a loyalty test and the other to Nick’s biggest fan. Plus, the three give tips that you’re going to want to make note of if you’re looking to find your next relationship or looking to get out of the dreaded first date scene.  LIVING PROOF - Go to livingpr

  • Conor McKenzie: What Does Pride Mean to You?

    14/06/2022 Duration: 57min

    If you saw the recent Dew Pride Edit, then you’re already familiar with today’s guest… Conor McKenzie! Conor is an incredible dancer, content creator, and all around bright light who wears heels taller than KB will ever be able to rock. The two talk about their recent Dew photoshoot and Kaitlyn opens up about why sometimes photoshoots cause her anxiety… but not with Conor, who is always making sure everyone is staying positive and having fun. Conor reveals what he’s up to this Pride Month and why celebrating (this month AND year-round) is so important to him. Plus, he gets into his background with dance, his feelings on TikTok, and shares a hilarious (and slightly mortifying) confession. Stay tuned to hear the marketing genius that is KB & Conor because this idea will have you getting prepped and ready to get your stretch on. Visit to learn about the amazing organization that Conor is working with and Dew is giving back to with each purchase of the Pride Edit!   ATHENA - Get 2

  • Grape Therapy: Your Journey to Self-Love with Alicia Mccarvell

    09/06/2022 Duration: 01h17min

    Hey, you, reading this… are you ready to feel inspired? The incredible Alicia Mccarvell is joining KB on the mic today to talk all about her journey to self-love and how she came to accept that her body truly is the least interesting thing about her (and you, too). Alicia explains to Kaitlyn how she went viral and started using her platform as a place to motivate and encourage others to love themselves, even on the bad days. Despite the haters and trolls (don’t worry, we’ll learn the three E system to saying bye to them), Alicia has remained committed to honoring and staying true to herself through her community. She and Kaitlyn review Alicia’s 5 things that impact your journey to self-love… and you’re going to want a pen and paper for this one. She also explains why she decided to speak out on her sexuality, describes how she doesn’t necessarily fit into the body positive movement, and shares a very relatable (yet cringe) confession. STARBUCKS - STARBUCKS BAYA Energy drink is available online, at grocery st

  • Becca & Thomas: He Said Yes!

    07/06/2022 Duration: 01h17min

    Well, well, well… how the turntables. The cutest newly-engaged couple, Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs, joins Kaitlyn on today’s episode to spill all the deets about the proposal that really said F the patriarchy. Kaitlyn is asking ALL the questions: Was she nervous? Was he surprised? Did she get mom’s blessing? What do they envision for their wedding (spoiler alert: NOT the traditional wedding)? Tommy explains why he’s feeling like a bad bitch and what plans he has in store for Becca. The two of them answer Vino questions, share their confessions, and play a couple of games that give us some behind-the-scenes of their relationship. Tommy really did go from a d-bag to a charmer and Becca from a nervous Nellie to a confident AF engaged gal who would give 5-years of burritos and a goat to keep this man in her life forever (we’ll explain). EUROPEAN WAX CENTER - Make a reservation today—your first wax is free. HYUNDAI - Learn more at   BIRDY GREY - Visit and get 3 swatches

  • Grape Therapy: Work-Life Balance & Finding Your Why with Jenna Kutcher

    02/06/2022 Duration: 54min

    On today’s episode, Kaitlyn is catching up with a friend, Vino, and incredible entrepreneur who is passionate about women pursuing their passions (and getting paid to do it)... We’re talking about the amazing Jenna Kutcher! Jenna wrote a book during the pandemic that asks a very important question, "How Are You, Really?", and dives into how to find your purpose and use it to live your most authentic life. Kaitlyn opens up to Jenna about her struggles to follow her path and go against hustle culture in a time when it seems like everyone is moving a million miles a minute, and then the two open up the OTV Hotline to give some advice. From finding inspiration to applying to jobs in a creative field to making financial decisions to dealing with loss, KB & Jenna are digging into listener questions to help the Vinos start living their best lives outside of the tired cliché of ‘having it all.’ Plus, you will not want to miss these confessions… HELIX - Helix is offering up to $200 off all mattress orders AND two

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