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Hal Anderson hosts weekday afternoons on 680 CJOB. He has been broadcasting on radio and TV for over 30 years! Hal has been a news director three times, once in TV and twice in radio. So he knows news. But Hal also understands the importance of delivering information in an entertaining manner. If you dont get enough Hal here, please check out halanderson.ca.


  • Game Day!

    12/07/2024 Duration: 20min

    Derek Taylor, voice of the Bombers Dr. Syras Derksen

  • Money Money!

    11/07/2024 Duration: 28min

    Robin Taub, teaching your kids to be responsible with money Warren Clark, U of M, upcoming panel discussion on creating safe spaces for young black men Carolyn Klassen, Conexus Counselling

  • Hot Stuff, Coming Through!

    10/07/2024 Duration: 16min

    Scott Kehler, Weatherlogics, on the heat wave Franco Terrazzano, Canadian Taxpayers' Federation

  • Hot Dog!

    09/07/2024 Duration: 18min

    Gerry The Medic, protecting yourself against extreme heat Brent Thompson, celebrating 95 years of Skinner's Hot Dogs in Lockport

  • I Do!

    05/07/2024 Duration: 17min

    Wayne Palendat - owner, Let's Tie The Knot Dr. Syras Derksen

  • BBQ-Gotta Try This!

    04/07/2024 Duration: 15min

    Adrian Bruce, Tortuga's Smokehouse Carolyn Klassen, Conexus Counselling

  • Click This

    28/06/2024 Duration: 23min

    Doug Brown, Bombers hope to avoid going 0-4 Dr. Satnam Nijjar, Winnipeg is a hotspot for migraines Dr. Syras Derksen, the psychology of clickbait

  • Between The Buns

    27/06/2024 Duration: 36min

    Shaun Jeffrey, "Between The Buns" local burger competition Canadian Multiculturalism Day, Teresa Cotroneo, plus some Folklorama news! Bruce Johnson, Canada Day weather Carolyn Klassen, Conexus Counselling

  • Summer Questions?

    26/06/2024 Duration: 06min

    Jeff Hofer, Camp Manitou

  • Bob Irving on the Bombers and Game 7

    24/06/2024 Duration: 14min
  • Brian Barkley on the passing of Larry Updike

    20/06/2024 Duration: 07min
  • Water Ready

    18/06/2024 Duration: 17min

    Tim Shanks, are we ready for a Calgary-like water emergency? St. Amant autism ride raffle is back!

  • Mosquitoes: Not Good!

    17/06/2024 Duration: 13min

    Clint Roseverar on the bad mosquito season Merle Balsillie, Save The Kilns!

  • The Truth Is Out There

    14/06/2024 Duration: 32min

    Hal's guests: Christ Rutkowski, on a Harvard survey of "do you think aliens exist?" Barrett Miller, Manager of Education, Assiniboine Park Dr. Syras, 5 reasons to unplug from social media

  • D-Day, +80 Years

    06/06/2024 Duration: 17min

    Brian Batter, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Winnipeg Rifles Carolyn Klassen, Conexus Counselling

  • Lush Lawns Last Gleaming

    05/06/2024 Duration: 16min

    Dave Hinton from Weed Man, lush lawns! Lori Cohen, the Beagle Alliance on tomorrow's Beagle Benefit

  • F.A.S.T. Action

    04/06/2024 Duration: 14min

    Katrina Rogan, stroke survivor Bryan Borzykowski, financial writer

  • Wetlands

    03/06/2024 Duration: 21min

    Scott Kehler, on a very wet weekend, and Gerry Friesen, author "The Recovering Farmer"

  • Mayor Scott Gillingham

    28/05/2024 Duration: 08min
  • Apple Music To My Ears

    23/05/2024 Duration: 25min

    Hal's guests: Greg Burnett, Executive Director, DCSP Eric Alper, Musicologist on Apple's 10 Greatest Albums Carolyn Klassen, Conexus Counselling

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