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Carl Franklin is a retired farmer turned podcast host world wide. Information Conversation. On the "time delay radio network"


  • Jeff A Guy From Sweden

    29/12/2015 Duration: 02min

    Just met Jeff on the bus. He likes cribbage.

  • A Holiday How Do You Do.

    10/12/2015 Duration: 02min

    A call I heard on WCCO 830 with host Jordana Green, December 2014. Pay it forward, I like that idea. My bus ride thoughts.

  • Smoking Means Less Tension

    10/12/2015 Duration: 04min

    On my bus ride I listened to this from WCCO830 and Adam Carter about the Holiday Tensions. mobile studio on a bus.

  • Getting the band back together

    08/12/2015 Duration: 10min studios Quick test of the new podcast system. Back with more programs in 2016! Merry New Year from Carl Franklin

  • Day at the lake

    20/06/2015 Duration: 21min studio brings you Carl's Podcast LIVE from Royal Starr Resort. Carl talks fishing and fun at Royal Starr

  • Carl's Christmas Special 2014

    09/12/2014 Duration: 19min studios brings you Carl's Podcast. This week Carl plays with his organ and sings you holiday favorites! Get your tape recorders out, this is one show worth listening to again! Listen at your own amusement.Thank YOU - and sign up to Spreaker so I can get on iHeart radio as well!

  • Holiday Reading; Our Lady's Juggler

    01/12/2014 Duration: 11min brings you this Carl's Corner Short. In preparation for the holiday season and because it is CyberMonday Remember people, it's more than giving "gifts" of possessions. We all have many "gifts" we can give over the holiday season.

  • Random Calls

    17/10/2014 Duration: 14min brings you today's installment. A short one for you to ponder. Dutchman wants to do a new segment called "hello, this is Carl" and Carl plays along. Phone numbers were off the internet, random search for #'s provided all but Maxwell, his was a miss dial by 1 number from a number for Stan. Listen at your own amusement , Thank You

  • Carl's Corner #24 ScienceMuseum MikeDay

    09/10/2014 Duration: 37min studios brings you "Carl's Corner" and special in studio guest from the Science Museum of Minnesota Mike Day. In this program you will hear about "Flight of the Butterflies" exhibit and Omnitheater show of the same name, but you will hear much more about the Science Museum. Learn more about our beloved Minnesota gem on today's podcast. (Mike is from Chicago but he is a gem as well) Listen at your own amusement.

  • Carl's Corner #23

    30/09/2014 Duration: 58min

    www.countrychev,com studios brings you another installment of Carl's Corner! From Facebook friends to Trash men Carl has it all in this weeks podcast. Talking with Will Nick Mars and Jason Nelson as Facebook friends. Both have some really interesting changes in their worlds. Then on to BOOYA - know what it is? Learn all about it, where it came from and where the world championship is located this week. FINALLY Barry Kingsly talks about his book "Prisons; Nuke them all" . Listen at your own amusement - void where prohibited may cause irritability

  • Interview Walt Books about Booya

    29/09/2014 Duration: 05min brings you the interview with Walter Books of the World Championship Booya. On the Road Again Fall Festival is right around the corner and you can try it for yourself. Over 32 years of making Booya - and you get the history here!