Queen Of The Road



"Look! They think we're celebrities," cried Tim. "No," I corrected, "They think I'm a celebrity. They think you're a bus driver."


  • How a Shrink Became a Writer

    How a Shrink Became a Writer

    14/07/2008 Duration: 03min

    How O.J. Simpson's 1994 trial inspired an unexpected journey.

  • Weirdness Around the Country

    Weirdness Around the Country

    07/07/2008 Duration: 05min

    Two psychiatrists on a cross-country adventure seeking escape from the daily craziness of their chosen profession succeed only in finding more weirdness than either of them had ever seen at the office.

  • Childless by Choice

    Childless by Choice

    30/06/2008 Duration: 04min

    Socially imposed assumptions that parenthood must at some point follow marriage ruling our lives? Not so much...

  • My Superhero

    My Superhero

    23/06/2008 Duration: 06min

    Look! Up on the Roof! It's a bird... It's a professional roofer... No, wait! It's Project Nerd: Domestic Superhero!

  • Babyboomer Womens Lib

    Babyboomer Womens Lib

    16/06/2008 Duration: 05min

    Nearing 50, fears of having to face the concept of mortality have given way to a newborn liberation...

  • Mobile Martinis

    Mobile Martinis

    09/06/2008 Duration: 05min

    How better to cope with the daily mishaps to be expected during the course of a cross-country foray aboard one's royal coach than by inventing a martini scientifically formulated to specifcially alleviate the stresses of each given misadventure?