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  • Fear Falsity Fascism

    27/02/2023 Duration: 32min

    It seems angry people with authoritarian tendencies are asserting themselves everywhere. What is driving their anger and divisiveness? The primary driver appears to be fear inspired by false information. Since the 1960s, the United States has made significant progress is advancing civil rights and acceptance of diversity. New technology has made it much easier to disseminate false information and stir up peoples’ emotions.  This is certainly not the first time things like this have happened in this country and odds are it is not the last. We, Americans, must stand together and resist the efforts of those who wish to disrupt our country and destroy democracy.     Bumper sticker guy.     Flag wrapped cross.         Let’s go Darwin.   Fear.     Fearful of what?      Tourist visit-Andrew Clyde.   Ignorance is bliss.      WOKE.      Feelings.   Fascism.     Anoracracy.       Paradox of Tolerance.    Democracy and Fascism.      Failure of the Media.   They got the guns.     Not a Cult.     Qanon.   Comic books and

  • Come On America

    06/11/2022 Duration: 22min

    Come On America   So much is happening so quickly that is is difficult to focus on what’s most important.  We are bombarded with endless threats both purely imaginary and dangerously real. How much faith should we have in our fellow citizens? Do they see what we see the same way? Lordy, I hope a lot of them do. And they vote Tuesday -if they haven’t already, that is. Come On, America.   Back in the van and recording.      Two weeks until the election.   The Trump Distraction.       Focus on Fascism.     He won’t run again.   Who is not sick of him?     The Grift.      Trumpheads.   Conserving what?     Reactionary republicans.        So long mangroves.       Goodbye rainforest.      Zombie ideas.   Trickle down.      The Rise of Fascism.     God, Guns and Trump.   The Party.     Positive signs.     How Bad the Scum?   Paul Pelosi Attacked.        Weird Sympathy.      Kari’s Gonna Win.   Doubt Priming.    Little Insurrections.        Trying to Rule by Spectacle.      Could Lose Democracy.         Come On Ameri

  • The Bullying Minority

    21/09/2022 Duration: 21min

    Democracy is designed to allow citizens to present arguments  and debate their merits in the marketplace of ideas. Words, ideas and evidence were to be used to determine policy. What we are experiencing currently is the result of one party being bereft of ideas. The lack of ideas forces them use other methods of persuasion. This explains the increase we are seeing in use of misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories as well as threats of/and actual violence. The Republican Party seems to have decided its best course, at this time, is to deny reality, break the rules as needed and threaten those that point out what they are doing. Fortunately, they are not the majority. Unfortunately, that may not be a guaranty that they don’t gain power over the levers of government. As they have been rather successful in gerrymandering, court packing and the taking of key state offices, particularly Secretaries of State, the likelihood of them achieving  victory is not slight. If such a victory occurs, it is certain

  • Guns in the Era of Rage Engagement

    09/07/2022 Duration: 21min

    The United States seems to be awash in violence, from overzealous police to armed street gangs to determined mass murderers.  Who benefits from this situation? Media organizations, certainly, right wing hate groups, as well, but, I'd say, none benefit more than arms manufacturers.   G.W. Bush intro.          Buffalo shooting.     Stochastic Violence.   This is tyranny.        W.  Bush was right?        Don't say terrorism.   Ominous rant.     Guns are not the solution.       Heroic fantasies.   Movie watchers led by a "Reality" T.V. guy.      Easy prosecutions.   Violent talk leading to violent actions is predictable.   Chaos theory.       Why advertisers seem to like anger.        Replacement theory.     White supremacy is a hoax.    Only one race.   Tucker says, "just say that it's true."      Bushmaster Man card.        Ryan Busse- Gun Fight.            Diabolical marketing.      

  • Barely Keeping Up

    13/05/2022 Duration: 18min

    For a while, I fell out of the podcast groove, but I’m jumping back in. So much has happened during my absence that I didn’t even touch on the idiot trucker convoy or the idiot Elon Musk maybe-purchase of Twitter. I do address minority rule, performative moronics, gerrymandering, engage in a brief authoritarian rant and end with a playful sound collage.   Shouldn’t record in the van.      Judgeships and minority rule (Marty Moore).   Election militia.       Enforcing unjust rule.         Performative moronics.   Putin/DeSantis-  misinformation and ignorance.          Fill the information space with garbage.     Authoritarian rant.   Collage- People Are Saying

  • Transitioning Into 2022

    01/02/2022 Duration: 30min

    What a year just was and what a year the next one promises to be. Not a recap show or a prediction show. Just an update.    New Port Richey Christmas Parade -with helicopters.   War on the holidays.     Oh Mee Chrone- Covid 19's latest iteration.    Cordyceps.        Trump and DeSantis.       Madness is spreading.   Concerns about 2022.        January 6th and the Big Lie.   Steve Inskeep's Truth Sandwich.       Sam Harris and the Impossible Debate.   Conspiracy Theories are now based on repetition not "evidence."   The fascistic minority.      Feeling nonplussed.   Democracies have died before.      Don't talk about Florida voting laws.   Bad information.     Idiot propaganda.    Becky the Robot.          An invitation to stop the steal.

  • Stochastic Violence

    15/12/2021 Duration: 21min

    You can be sure it is coming without knowing when or how. Violence is being elicited by politicians and certain parts of the media. They appeal to an aggrieved minority of citizens who view violence as an acceptable political tool. Rather than modifying their political approach or adjusting their arguments, they believe they can advance their cause through the use violence and threats thereof.  When combined, their obsession with weaponry and their unwillingness to participate in basic health measures presents us with what amounts to an existential threat. A significant segment of the populace display a total disregard for the health and safety of their fellow citizens if they do not share their selfish, destructive and false minority beliefs.   That’s Bullshit.      Failed arguments evoke violence.     Fight.   Treat them rough.      Stochastic violence.     Fighting words.   Don’t say terrorism.     You Ess Aay.     Try to hurt him.   Specific non-specific threats.     Disinterested law enforcement.

  • Will Not Comply

    01/10/2021 Duration: 29min

    This one took forever. Had trouble keeping ahold of a narrative through-line. There's too many issues.    Tourists or terrorists?     Boots on the ground.    Don't call them terrorists. I don't like American tourists.     Foul children.     Reality denial. Beliefs so strong they become facts.       Not a fact guy. Too many issues.          Almost everyone will get inoculated. Patriotism.     Not a fact guy.       Will not comply. Taliban mirror.      Endless conflict for endless purpose.      Truth sandwich.     Critical thinking.     Save us.      

  • A Pleasing Amount of Misinformation

    14/06/2021 Duration: 30min

    Despite the title, I tried to stick to accurate observations about actual, factual information. As I worked on this episode, I attempted to find glimpses of daylight with only intermittent success. These are dark times we are living in.   Issac Asimov- Cult of Ignorance.       The Big Lie and Liz Cheney.   Facebook.     Gary Kasparov.      No such thing as truth.   Facebook is not a credible news source.     Rumble.   A pleasing amount of misinformation.    News from advertisers.   Rage engagement.     Comfort from conspiracy.   Karl Rove on Reality.     False certainty trumps honest uncertainty.   Efficacy vs. effectiveness.     Voltaire: Doubt not pleasant.   CDC modified suggestions don’t mean stop washing your hands.   Conspiracy without the theory.       No evidence; no problem.   Clown with a flamethrower.       The willfully ignorant using science to dismiss science.   Misinformation harming others.     Driving drunk without a seatbelt.   Liz Cheney, Andrew Clyde and Laura Ing

  • What Are We Going To Do With These People?

    04/03/2021 Duration: 23min

    Tried like hell to get this episode up by the 4th of March since there was a potential repeat of the Capitol Siege from January 6th. As this is typed, the Capitol is virtually empty as most business has been shut down for the day due to credible threats of violence.   Information overload short-circuiting brains.         Adults more susceptible to misinformation.     President Trump, save us.      Bullshit.     Stolen by whom?        Rule of Law Defense Fund Robo-call.   The Siege was planned.      Stop the steal.   Ali Alexander.     Take the Capitol.        Fight for Trump.     Traitor Pence.      Let's tell Trump.   Hiding with the maskless.     Spreading hatred and Covid.   Insanity.     Carol D. Sanders - Science prankster.   Super Bowl prophecy.      Republicans hate Trump.

  • It Has All Gone Too Far

    13/01/2021 Duration: 22min

    I've had a hard time keeping up with what has been happening. Talk about destroying truth and ruling by spectacle, we have seen it in spades, recently. It feels like we are are in the middle of a very transitional time. It's going to be a while before we see how these events shake out.   Going out with a bang.      Chaos and violence.      Emotion leads to action.   Trumps signs still up.       Violent reaction.        Pathocracy.   Dr. Brandy X. Lee.     In Trump Country.     Disinfect the White House.   Gabriel Sterling.       It has all gone too far.   It's just wrong.     Bob Good you get the virus.   No sanity.        Serious phony pandemic.   New year.         Trump, Raffensperge and his lawyer.   How far will they go?        Recalculate the vote.   Costly in many ways.     The data you have is wrong.   Twitter taken from Trump.      The Capitol Siege.   Defile the Capitol.     Fighting Democracy.   Law and Order.     We love you.     You will pay.   Go home now.      

  • The Great Disappointment

    01/12/2020 Duration: 20min

    The United States 2020 presidential election is almost over, although the current resident of the White House has yet to concede. I'm not thrilled with the with outcome, but am learning to accept it. The American electorate did the best it could with what it was given to work with. However, a very large percentage of the country's population vehemently disagrees with that sentiment.   Selling Trump gear.              No more bullshit.       Qanon.    Smash the Delusion.      The media says Joe Biden is president.      Mixed reactions.     Revolutionary rush.      Wow Rudy wow.   Joe Biden is stealing the election.     Feeling kinda numb.   Something broken.     Status quo Joe.   Trump inspired aggression.      Arrogant obnoxiousness.   Qanon.     The Great Disappointment.   What's in store for Q's followers?         The desire for belief trumps all.       Bent American psyche.   You never know.        

  • The Rebellion of the Senseless

    02/11/2020 Duration: 21min

    Rebellion of the Senseless  Junior calls.     Road Noise.      Not Gonna take it. Anti-masker Ann from Zephyrhills.        Herd Mentality. Panic mentality.      The lingering thing. Not Conspiracy theorists.     Qanon.       Move forward in a positive direction.      Trump is a light worker (Lori Ladd).  Vague assertions and accusations.      Proud God Trump. The word is Q.     Antifa doesn’t exist.     White Supremacy. Alice Markwick says.     Thugs on a plane. Republican Party now a cult.     BLM. He’s spreading the virus, disinformation and violence. Vote him OUT!

  • Living in the Misinformation Age

    08/09/2020 Duration: 19min

    When addressing misinformation in the modern world there really is no clear place to start documenting it. Nor does there appear to be any end to the supply of inaccurate information.  This episode focuses on QAnon, an unknown individual or group, that posts on anonymous message board, sending out vague assertions and meaningless strings of letters and numbers that are presented as secret messages. These assertions are then interpreted by followers as to portend a societal upheaval that will lead to mass arrests and a transformation of society. There is little to no evidence that supports these ideas or claims, but that doesn't stop millions of Americans from believing and acting upon them.   QAnon,     Covid 19,     Who's Q?      Q Drops,     The Storm,   Real crimes,     Sherlock Holmes' reasoning,        Taiwan and Hydroxychloriquine,   Information Age,        Herman Cain back from the dead?       Caveat Emptor  

  • Coronavirus and BLM Violence

    29/07/2020 Duration: 23min

    The United States is being rocked by a combination of a deadly virus and mass protests against police violence. The police response to the anti-violence protests has been to increase the use violence.   The Coronavirus is still with us.      Police violence is still with us.   Protests against police violence are still with us, too.   Meet the force professionals.  Where are the Second Amendment folks?   That's not a chip on my shoulder.     Feeling hopeful.   Lost in the data stream.     The same racist path.   Proper behavior reduces the need for government.   Masks: a manufactured controversy.        All about division.   The  mask crazies of Palm Beach County.          Republican/Christian death cult.      Polarized environment.   Portland secret police.     Hitler was  elected.   The majority is not being fooled.         Domination collage.    

  • Not A Doctor

    01/06/2020 Duration: 15min

    I've put two months into this one, yet it feels incomplete. The fire hose of events we are experiencing is nearly impossible to stay on top of. This episode includes scarves, hydroxychloroquine, Hanlon's Razor and a Trump apology! It's time for an investigation.        Shocker.        Hydroxychloroquine.   President Carnage.     I'm not a doctor.         Scarves.       Hanlon's Razor applied to anti-lockdown protesters.          Both sides of the president's mouth.      Will not see diseases.   Data-Stockpile.     Too long?         Confusing politics with entertainment.   Covered in blood.     Ready to rock.      I was wrong.     Made a mistake.   Not mentally sharp.     I apologize.

  • From Impeachment to Covid 19

    31/03/2020 Duration: 18min

    Since my last episode the president was impeached by the House, but found not guilty by the Senate. Apparently, he was guilty, but not guilty enough.  As that process was playing out, a novel Coronavirus was making its way across the globe. It's made its way to the United States and it has led to an unprecedented national response. Now a large portion of our country is spending most of their time at home and we're trying to keep a safe distance from each other and we're disinfecting everything we come in contact with.   Guilty, but not guilty.      The Senate obstructs justice.         If the president does it, it's not a crime.       Maybe the truth is not important.   Lying gets the job done.      Covid 19 from Coronavirus.      We need a leader.   Draining the competence.       Bryant Culpepper and the hair dryer cure.   Terrible.      Looking for answers..        It may work.           What the hell do you have to lose?         May kill you.          One good thing.     Sources: CNN, C-S

  • Facts Mean Nothing

    19/01/2020 Duration: 21min

    Started this episode the first week of the new year. "Finished" it in the third week. Didn't mention Lev Parnas simply because I had to draw a line somewhere. Mostly drew from the impeachment proceedings and a little bit from the Iran fiasco.   Welcome to 2020.       What is truth?        Destroy truth rule by spectacle.   Facebook promotes falsehoods.      News from advertisers?      Iran disaster.   Fighter jets.     Truth isn't truth.        The Depravity.   Destruction of truth.     Facts mean nothing.     The clock and the calendar.   Let the voters decide?        That happened!     Jeff from New Port Richey.   Somebody's version of the truth.   Thanks to C-Span, WMNF's Rob Lorei and Radioactivity, Buzzfeed and the Tampa Bay Times for material and inspiration.  

  • Just Noticed It Is Over

    01/12/2019 Duration: 16min

    The madness is unending and I am finding it impossible to to keep up on a day to day basis. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.   I hate senior citizens.     Hate.      No health care.       We Don't care.   These people are electric.      Energizing the swamp.      A little different up here.   Blackmail.        Article II let's me do whatever I want.        Fake leader.   Emoluments.         I give it away.          Get the Kurds out.   We left the Kurds out.          We left.   Hardest thing I have to do.            I do whatever I want.   No one ever mentions Article II.                  It's all over.       Thanks to CNBC and C-Span for clips.

  • It Is Not A Witch Hunt

    01/09/2019 Duration: 13min

    Robert Mueller spoke to Congress recently, although it doesn't seem that recent. I read the executive summaries and, apparently, so did Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury.   Fredericks read the Mueller report (Executive Summaries).       The Doonesbury coincidence.    Trump's take.         Adam Schiff questions Robert Mueller.         Volume 1 Page 54.    Swift-boating has nothing to do with the truth.        Fredericks interviews Mueller.   Outro.     Thanks to C-Span for Schiff/Mueller sound and Slate for Trump shouting from under the helicopter.

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