Your Wordpress Evangelist



A weekly WordPress podcast dedicated to helping people gain more knowledge and understanding of WordPress.


  • Creating A Unique Experience For WordPress

    06/04/2017 Duration: 23min
  • Why Community Matters

    04/02/2017 Duration: 24min
  • Exploring Googles Mobile First Indexing And Mobile Customization With Divi

    30/12/2016 Duration: 39min
  • Improving Our Workflow

    27/12/2016 Duration: 17min
  • Exploring The Awesomeness of Divi With Geno Quiroz

    16/12/2016 Duration: 01h09min
  • Big Surprise Coming – Get Ready To Explode

    09/12/2016 Duration: 16min
  • Exciting Church Website Design News

    03/12/2016 Duration: 42min
  • Using WordPress For Your Church Website Design

    18/11/2016 Duration: 47min
  • Community Building Using BuddyPress

    03/11/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Start Podcasting Using WordPress

    25/10/2016 Duration: 25min
  • Staging Your Website

    14/10/2016 Duration: 23min
  • WordPress Page Builders

    06/10/2016 Duration: 20min
  • Dealing With Search Engine Optimization

    30/09/2016 Duration: 18min
  • Your Website Content and Search Engine Optimization

    30/08/2016 Duration: 42min
  • Talking About WordPress Themes

    19/08/2016 Duration: 14min
  • WordPress Security Podcast

    11/08/2016 Duration: 14min