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  • E087 - DailySpin  Shelflife

    E087 - DailySpin & Shelflife

    25/10/2017 Duration: 39min

    E087 - Shelflife Gavin Mills joins the podcast today to talk about Shelflife. Hear how the startup is changing how we travel by setting matching users with activities they want to learn. Travel with a purpose, learn how to surf, how to cook, and much more.

  • E086 - DailySpin  Design Wizard

    E086 - DailySpin & Design Wizard

    13/10/2017 Duration: 29min

    E086 - Design Wizard Briona Gallagher joins the Startup Spotlight to tell listeners the story behind Design Wizard. Hear how the company was founded and how Design Wizard can help companies create their branding and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • E085 - DailySpin  Pointzi

    E085 - DailySpin & Pointzi

    05/10/2017 Duration: 43min

    E085 - Pointzi David Jones, a seasoned entrepreneur, shares his startup story today with Greg. Pointzi allows you to easily add tooltips and walkthroughs on your mobile apps. Learn how the company got started and how they are making noise in the market.

  • E084 - DailySpin  PredictN

    E084 - DailySpin & PredictN

    21/09/2017 Duration: 33min

    E084 - PredictN Bismayy Mohapatra joins Greg today on the Podcast to tell the story of his startup PredictN. Hear how the company is helping startups use predictive analytics to gain a better understanding of what their users are doing.

  • E083 - DailySpin  BeeWits

    E083 - DailySpin & BeeWits

    31/08/2017 Duration: 36min

    E083 - BeeWits David Attard joins Greg on the DailySpin Startup Spotlight to discuss BeeWits. Hear how BeeWits is making it easy to organize your projects, giving you more time to get work done.

  • E082 - DailySpin  JQBX

    E082 - DailySpin & JQBX

    24/08/2017 Duration: 32min

    E082 - JQBX Kevin Zigelbaum joins Greg today on the DailySpin Startup Spotlight. Kevin has created JQBX, a platform that allows you to listen and DJ for friends who are in different locations via Spotify. Hear the story of how JQBX got started.

  • E081 - DailySpin  Bookship

    E081 - DailySpin & Bookship

    16/08/2017 Duration: 44min

    E081 - Bookship Mark Watkins joins the podcast for the second time to talk about Bookship. Mark wants to build a platform where readers of physical, digital, and audio books can create digital book clubs to discuss their books. Hear how Mark launched his app and how it ties into his ecosystem of reading tools.

  • E080 - DailySpin  Engauge

    E080 - DailySpin & Engauge

    27/07/2017 Duration: 42min

    E080 - Engauge Joe Fatora joins the DailySpin Startup Spotlight today to talk Engauge. Hear the story of how this startup was built for developers by a developer when Joe couldn't find the tools necessary to accomplish what he needed. Finding your audience and providing them with the right testing tool was critical and hear on today's podcast how Joe accomplished that. http://www.dailyspin.io/2017/07/27/12607/

  • E079 - DailySpin  UnderstandBetter

    E079 - DailySpin & UnderstandBetter

    06/07/2017 Duration: 28min

    E079 - UnderstandBetter Sankriti Krishnan joins Greg today on the DailySpin Startup Spotlight. Listeners get informed on how UnderstandBetter helps internal company communication and allows for a more open and honest workplace. Hear how they use AI to predict employee churn and how this improves moral.

  • E078 - DailySpin  CrankWheel

    E078 - DailySpin & CrankWheel

    28/06/2017 Duration: 24min

    E078 - CrankWheel Quick informative demos are key to efficient sales teams. Jói Sigurdsson joins Greg on the Spotlight today to discuss his startup CrankWheel. Hear how CrankWheel is making product demos easier for sales teams and making the process a better experience for end users.

  • E077 - DailySpin  KingFit

    E077 - DailySpin & KingFit

    22/06/2017 Duration: 31min

    E077 - KingFit Miguel Johns joins the spotlight today talking to Greg about KingFit. Diabetes effects over 29 million people in the United States alone. KingFit is looking to educate people on the disease and give people a chance to talk to others via a mobile platform. Hear how they are utilzing technology to help spread the world.

  • E076 - DailySpin  Rezza

    E076 - DailySpin & Rezza

    15/06/2017 Duration: 39min

    E076 - Rezza Kevin Kirkpatrick joins Greg today on the DSpin Startup Spotlight. Kevin tells us the story of how his company Rezza came to be. Rezza is taking analytics and making them smarter with the use of AI and machine learning.

  • E075 - DailySpin  Dashbird

    E075 - DailySpin & Dashbird

    08/06/2017 Duration: 28min

    E075 - Dashbird Greg discusses Dashbird, the Lambda logging and debugging platform with founder Taavi Rehemägi. Listen and hear how Taavi created his startup by noticing inefficiencies in current tools on the market. Finding a pain point in your current job can help you build a platform that scales to others with the same issues.

  • E074 - DailySpin  GOtivation

    E074 - DailySpin & GOtivation

    25/05/2017 Duration: 46min

    E074 - GOtivation Dennis Timpanaro stops by the DSpin Startup Spotlight today to discuss GOtivation. GOtivation helps push and motivate users to get going. By utilizing chatbots, GOtivation can help get you back on your feet. Learn more at http://www.dailyspin.io/2017/05/25/gotivation/.

  • E073 - DailySpin  Thrive

    E073 - DailySpin & Thrive

    17/05/2017 Duration: 33min

    E073 - Thrive Vincent Jong joins the DSpin Startup Spotlight to discuss Thrive for Email. Hear how a sales rep saw a chance to improve productivity from within Salesforce and how he took his idea from a thought to a full blown product.

  • E072 - DailySpin  Collate

    E072 - DailySpin & Collate

    03/05/2017 Duration: 23min

    E072 - Collate Greg is joined by Patrick Lee, founder of Collate today. Patrick built Collate, the note taking app from the ground up after he was unable to find a suitable solution. Hear how he budgets his time and how brought Collate from just a thought to a full blown privacy driven application.

  • E071 - DailySpin  SmartKai

    E071 - DailySpin & SmartKai

    12/04/2017 Duration: 32min

    E071 - SmartKai As an entrepreneur, have you found it difficult to keep up posting your content to social media? Salil Sethi, the founder of SmartKai, joins Greg today to discuss marketing and machine learning. SmartKai indexes your startups content and posts it to social media when relevant conversations are happening. Hear Salil's startup story today on the DSpin Startup Spotlight.

  • E070 - DailySpin  Cloud TimeCards

    E070 - DailySpin & Cloud TimeCards

    06/04/2017 Duration: 34min

    E070 - Cloud TimeCards Francisco and Seth join Greg today on the DailySpin Startup Spotlight to discuss their startup Cloud TimeCards. Hear the story of how the duo saw a niche in the marketplace and decided to build an app to improve on a process. Hear their story and how they pivoted based on feedback to build a product that users requested.

  • E069 - DailySpin  Trip Focal

    E069 - DailySpin & Trip Focal

    30/03/2017 Duration: 38min

    E069 - Trip Focal Scott Green steps into the spotlight today to share the story of his startup Trip Focal. Hear how an entrepreneur with an idea found the resources to help take a thought and make it a reality. Plan a trip and share you experiences with Trip Focal. Learn more at http://www.dailyspin.io/2017/03/30/trip-focal-real-trips/

  • E068 - DailySpin  Gotcha

    E068 - DailySpin & Gotcha

    28/03/2017 Duration: 33min

    E068 - Gotcha Ben Novak & Hagai Shalev, co-founders of Gotcha join Greg on the podcast today. Hear how Gotcha helps sites learn more about their listener base. Hear their startup story and learn more about Gotcha today! Learn more about the startup at http://www.dailyspin.io/2017/03/06/gotcha-user-insight/.

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