This New Economy



Exploring humanity through economics. A trip through the stories of today economy. Exploring humanity through the universal language of economics. This New Economy dives deep into topics like Basic Income, Diversity in Tech and even the very fist eCommerce store online, Brought to you by the team at


  • The Exit

    30/08/2017 Duration: 26min
  • Diversity in Tech (Pt 2)

    23/08/2017 Duration: 32min
  • Diversity in Tech (pt 1)

    16/08/2017 Duration: 21min
  • The Napster Effect

    09/08/2017 Duration: 43min
  • The Weird World of Fantasy Sports (Pt 2)

    02/08/2017 Duration: 24min
  • The Weird World of Fantasy Sports (Pt 1)

    25/07/2017 Duration: 23min
  • Achieving Greatness w. Laird Hamilton (Pt 2)

    19/07/2017 Duration: 31min
  • Achieving Greatness w. Seth Godin & Dennis Crowley (Pt 1)

    12/07/2017 Duration: 32min
  • The Untold Story of (Pt 2)

    05/07/2017 Duration: 21min
  • The Untold Story of (Pt 1)

    28/06/2017 Duration: 30min
  • Can Basic Income Save Us? (Pt 2)

    21/06/2017 Duration: 28min
  • Can Basic Income Save Us? (Pt 1)

    14/06/2017 Duration: 23min
  • Welcome to This New Economy

    10/06/2017 Duration: 02min