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A podcast by comedian Joel Fragomeni, with regular help from comedian and movie critic Corey Hall. They've been busting on popular culture, politics and the world of stand-up comedy since 2005. No subject is taboo when these podcasting pioneers let loose on the mike. For adults only!


  • Joel Radio #275: Movie Mania 2021

    Joel Radio #275: Movie Mania 2021

    08/04/2021 Duration: 03h21min

    The annual massive Movie Mania show consisting of Joel’s best movies of the year, the worst movies of the year, Oscar predictions and more is here! Joel is joined once again by Jason Fylan-Mares (or is it Jason FM?), and the guys have included a symbolic chair for the late, great Corey Hall to join…

  • Joel Radio #274: The Clown Show

    Joel Radio #274: The Clown Show

    19/03/2021 Duration: 01h47min

    Joel welcomes pro wrestler/comedian and would-be filmmaker Mikey Gordon to the show. Mikey and Joel met at The Gathering of the Juggalos, and have crossed paths at diverse places over the years including Detroit, California and Oklahoma City. Mikey details his attempt at making a feature film, how you can help support it, and the…

  • Joel Radio #273: That Celebrity Stink

    Joel Radio #273: That Celebrity Stink

    25/02/2021 Duration: 01h21min

    After celebrating the death of Larry King, Joel returns to celebrate the death of Rush Limbaugh! Joel runs down all of Rush’s failings and scandals and tells his tale of being invited to hang out at a “Rush Room” in the 1990s. He also details all of Limbaugh’s progressive and positive ideas for the United…

  • Joel Radio #272: The King Is Dead, Finally

    Joel Radio #272: The King Is Dead, Finally

    28/01/2021 Duration: 01h31min

    Joel hasn’t reveled in a celebrity death for a while, but he’s not missing out on dumping on Larry King, one of the most famous and absolutely worst interviewers in history. Joel tells you how Larry didn’t prepare at all, and had no follow up questions for his guests and generally sucked at his job.…

  • Joel Radio #271: The New Radicals

    Joel Radio #271: The New Radicals

    15/01/2021 Duration: 01h20min

    On this show Joel follows up on the problems distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, and why it’s important to figure how to get it right now instead of later. He also talks about the folks that stormed the Capitol Building in D.C. and why you should figure out what your Mom, Dad and Uncles are up…

  • Joel Radio #270: The Big Shot

    Joel Radio #270: The Big Shot

    31/12/2020 Duration: 02h40s

    The last show of 2020 has Joel updating everyone on his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Spoilers, he’s doing fine, and he’s encouraging for people to take it themselves when they can. Joel is joined by journalist Steve Miller who feels the delivery of the vaccine could be a problem and the guys come…

  • Joel Radio #269: Better Than Christmas

    Joel Radio #269: Better Than Christmas

    07/12/2020 Duration: 01h49min

    Joel takes a Covid-19 vaccine trial and talks all about it on this show. He documents his journey to getting into the trial, the side effects he felt after the shot, the possibility of getting a placebo, how it affects a possible future vaccine mandate and much more. Should you get the vaccine yourself? Joel…

  • Joel Radio #268: How To With Joel and Jason

    Joel Radio #268: How To With Joel and Jason

    29/10/2020 Duration: 02h32min

    After eight long months away, Jason Fylan-Mares returns to the show for the first time since Movie Mania 2020. Jason’s stayed busy producing his own comedy shows, performing, and doing something Joel has not dared to – going to the movies! Joel details how he voted this year, going against long-standing convictions with a specific…

  • Joel Radio #267: The Return of Comedy

    Joel Radio #267: The Return of Comedy

    16/10/2020 Duration: 02h26min

    It looks like stand-up comedy is returning, even in a smaller, socially-distanced way, and Joel talks to the formerly retired comedian Ted Moss about what’s about to happen. Joel tells you about The Comedy Castle’s new procedures for the November re-opening and is proud to announce the return of the Advanced Comedy Class! Ted has…

  • Joel Radio #266: Wanna Buy a Watch?

    Joel Radio #266: Wanna Buy a Watch?

    11/09/2020 Duration: 02h14min

    Podcaster and (retired) comedian Ted Moss, returns to the studio to tell Joel about how lockdown has been treating him and not unlike Joel it’s been challenging. Both guys talk renovating their kitchen with limited funds and Ted’s clever scheme that may or may not work. Joel bemoans the government’s response to comedy clubs closing,…

  • Joel Radio #265: The One-Way Aisle of Life

    Joel Radio #265: The One-Way Aisle of Life

    14/08/2020 Duration: 01h34min

    Joel returns with comedian Bill Hildebrandt in studio. Bill details his first comedy gig in months – outside no less – and how he’s dealing with COVID-19 by going the right way down the aisle at the supermarket, even if it feels wrong. Joel and Bill talk going to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of…

  • Joel Radio #264: Goodbye Corey Hall

    Joel Radio #264: Goodbye Corey Hall

    16/07/2020 Duration: 02h05min

    On this show, Joel remembers his friend and co-host Corey Hall who passed away suddenly at age 44. It’s an emotional two hours as Joel talks about Corey’s life and career, how the two met, their successes and failures as podcasters and much more. Hear about their good, but ultimately doomed audition for commercial radio,…

  • Joel Radio #263: Be Our Buddy

    Joel Radio #263: Be Our Buddy

    20/05/2020 Duration: 01h36min

    It’s another week of lockdown and Joel has watched a million different movies and TV shows and checks in with reviews. Actually, there some things even he, or phone-in guest Corey Hall, refuse to watch, including a new David Spade film on Netflix that looks like the worst thing ever. He’s pushing sixty years old,…

  • Joel Radio #262: Everybody’s Guessing

    Joel Radio #262: Everybody’s Guessing

    29/04/2020 Duration: 01h09min

    The world is so weird right now, and as a guy who likes to tell the truth Joel is here to say nobody knows anything. Not the doctors, the scientists, especially not the politicians. Everybody’s guessing, and Joel is, too. He chats with comedian Kevin Kramis who “won” the right to mow his, and other’s,…

  • Joel Radio #261: Welfare Check

    Joel Radio #261: Welfare Check

    14/04/2020 Duration: 01h39min

    Another week in lockdown has Joel calling up his friends. He starts with Ted Moss, who isn’t buying into all the stay at home restrictions and just wants to paint his house, or go out on a boat or whatever else they tell him he can’t do. Ted has also returned from a big podcasting…

  • Joel Radio #260: Taking Our Temperature

    Joel Radio #260: Taking Our Temperature

    30/03/2020 Duration: 01h39min

    Joel checks in during the pandemic to interview journalist Steve Miller about coronavirus, America’s response to the crisis and taking guesses at when it all might end. Steve’s also been doing a bunch of reporting on a sensational Florida murder-for-hire case, but he still hasn’t seen Tiger King. Also, comedian Derek Richards checks in from…

  • Joel Radio #259: Best After Dinner

    Joel Radio #259: Best After Dinner

    10/03/2020 Duration: 01h28min

    Comedian and all-around curmudgeon Bill Hildebrandt returns to chat about how the corporate comedy show is done wrong, the effect of coronavirus on the business and why comedy agents are weasels. It’s an inside comedy talk for sure, but it’s hard to disagree with him – unless you’re an agent or a corporation looking for…

  • Joel Radio #258: Pure Quality

    Joel Radio #258: Pure Quality

    19/02/2020 Duration: 01h42min

    A lot of ground is covered on this show, as Ted Moss returns to re-cap the Oscars with Joel and talk about his own podcast. Joel discusses which Oscar picks he got wrong and (mostly) right, and why Parasite really deserved to win. The guys also discuss podcast audio quality, toilet paper budgets, travel nightmares,…

  • Joel Radio #257: Movie Mania 2020

    Joel Radio #257: Movie Mania 2020

    04/02/2020 Duration: 02h38min

    The giant, be-all-end-all movie review and Oscar preview show is here for 2020. It’s the biggest Joel Radio of the year, and Joel is joined by a new guest co-host, comedian Jason Fylan-Mares, who shares his best and worst films of the year. But wait, Corey Hall returns from a public radio booking to add…

  • Joel Radio #256: Sing It Dave

    Joel Radio #256: Sing It Dave

    24/01/2020 Duration: 53min

    It’s an experimental show as Joel visits Ted Moss at his new podcast studio, and attempts to record there. It turn out okay – please comment on the quality below if you wish – with a variety of topics including David Lee Roth’s return to the stage in Las Vegas. Turns out the Van Halen…

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