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The best bits of Hayes FM's Saturday Lunch. Hear the live show every Saturday, 12-2pm at http://www.hayesfm.org/


  • Lunchcast #8: March 2010

    Lunchcast #8: March 2010

    28/05/2010 Duration: 47min

    On this month's (oh boy, it's so very late, I'm very sorry) audio rollercoaster: Ben's Birthday, Jack's Birthday, Play Your Facebook Groups Right, Weather Challenges, 2 Word Tango, Mvvvy Rvvww, Pop Fiction and Hayes & Confused.

  • Lunchcast #7: February 2010

    Lunchcast #7: February 2010

    11/04/2010 Duration: 48min

    On this month's (I've given up apologising for lateness) audio rollercoaster: Ben is a Ghost, Pop Fiction, Chat-up Lines, Eminem Name Game, Hayes & Confused, plus Play Your Facebook Groups Right

  • Lunchcast #6: January 2010

    Lunchcast #6: January 2010

    01/03/2010 Duration: 49min

    In this month's (only slightly late) audio rollercoaster: Nicknames, Present Poker, National Lottery Balls, Drum N' Bass News, Meat Weather, Pop Fiction, Dentists, Hayes & Confused

  • Lunchcast #5: December 2009

    Lunchcast #5: December 2009

    24/01/2010 Duration: 38min

    In December's (only slightly late) audio rollercoaster: Chocolate Music, Featured Weather, Ben's Written A Play, Hayes & Confused, Singing TV Themes, Two Word Tango

  • Lunchcast #4: Christmas 2009

    Lunchcast #4: Christmas 2009

    10/01/2010 Duration: 30min

    On the Christmas Special audio rollercoaster ride: Xmas Lurgy Update, Parodies, Who's Childish, Xmas Hayes & Confused & Xmas Two Word Tango

  • Lunchcast #3: November 2009

    Lunchcast #3: November 2009

    07/12/2009 Duration: 38min

    In this month's audio rollercoaster: Board Game Trailers, Lurgy Update, Firework FX's, Halloween Tube, Renegade Sooty, Minty Weather, Hayes & Confused

  • Lunchcast #2: October 2009

    Lunchcast #2: October 2009

    08/11/2009 Duration: 30min

    In this month's Saturday Lunch audio rollercoaster ride: Autumnal Apologies, Bowie & Bob, Movvy Rvww, Two Word Tango, Waffles, Pizza Trauma, Hayes & Confused

  • Lunchcast #1: September 2009

    Lunchcast #1: September 2009

    11/10/2009 Duration: 24min

    In this month's Saturday Lunch audio rollercoaster ride: We're Back, Nude Cluedo, Story-time, Sugar-Dave, Shortback & Sides, Hayes & Confused, Jeremy Kyle