Ellis Heights



ELLIS HEIGHTS is an audio-sitcom that centres on the lives of Maggie Ellis and her sister Edith. Together they own and operate Ellis Heights, a small hotel in the town of Hole. They are joined in their escapades by their colourful staff: Jack, Cletus, Dusty and Ice-Tray. Join us as we deliver these very unique, but very funny adventures, and a series that is like no other! Theme song 'Gotta Have Love In Your Heart'.


  • Episode 8: O Ellis, Where Art Thou - Part 2 (Season finale)

    07/06/2015 Duration: 31min

    It's the season 1 finale, and the situation with Mrs. Ellis reaches a height, while Edith allows something to take place at the hotel which could cause problems in more ways than one.

  • Episode 7: O Ellis, Where Art Thou (Part 1)

    05/06/2015 Duration: 18min

    Something is going on with Mrs. Ellis, but can the gang put the pieces together? Written by JJ Buddington and Al Williams

  • Episode 6: Deadly Games

    05/06/2015 Duration: 21min

    Mrs. Ellis is in a distressed state, so Dusty decides to step in and "help". Meanwhile, Jack and Co. have some plans of their own, which don't go according to plan. Written by JJ Buddington and Al Williams

  • Episode 5: Only The Lonely

    03/06/2015 Duration: 18min

    Edith can't go anywhere without Maggie causing some kind of issue! Meanwhile, the kitchen is having a dilemma and Jack makes a huge mistake!

  • Episode 4: Eggy Pancakes

    02/06/2015 Duration: 12min

    Jack has a temporary position change and is in an irate mood. Meanwhile, the new waiter begins his new job at Ellis Heights.

  • Episode 3: Demise of the Old Bag

    01/06/2015 Duration: 15min

    Mrs. Ellis and Edith attend the funeral of an old "friend", but will it be the peaceful service everyone had in mind? Written by JJ Buddington and Al Williams Starring Al Williams and featuring JJ Buddington ©Copyright 2015. BudWill. All rights reserved.

  • Episode 2: The Ugliest Baby I've Ever Seen

    31/05/2015 Duration: 14min

    The staff at Ellis Heights are faced with a dilemma that involves... a baby. Written by JJ Buddington and Al Williams. Theme song 'Gotta Have Love In Your Heart' by Al Williams

  • Episode 1: Pilot

    31/05/2015 Duration: 14min

    The first episode of Ellis Heights, and Maggie and Edith attempt to draw in the people, whilst young Ice-Tray enjoys his first day on the job.