Chasing Justice



Chasing Justice is a podcast powered by The JUSTICE Conference. The hope of this Podcast is to create a cross tribal listenership as we engage in needed spotlight justice issues concerning our nation and the greater global good of humankind. Our intent is not for the podcast to be preachy but exploratory of ideas and methods that are worth considering as we fight for justice as it pertains to Gods kingdom and not humanitys. Join us on this journey and hear from those that you are familiar with, those you are unfamiliar with, those you agree, and disagree with, those who may offend you and those who will inspire hope as we explore what it means to chase Justice Together. This podcast will is hosted by Tyler Burns and will feature co-hosts, Vickie Reddy, Mark Reddy, and Adam Thomason with surprise guests and topics.

All podcasts are produced and edited by Jonathan Clauson


  • Episode 32: Why Words Have Meaning with Jonathan Merritt

    21/11/2018 Duration: 41min
  • Episode 31: Raising Our Voice with Kathy Khang

    02/08/2018 Duration: 40min
  • Episode 30: Immigration and Zero-Tolerance Policy with Matthew Soerens and Jason Clarke

    30/05/2018 Duration: 30min
  • Episode 29: Rethinking Incarceration with Dominique Gilliard

    05/02/2018 Duration: 50min
  • Episode 28: Reflecting on The Civil Rights Movement with Peggy Dammond

    15/01/2018 Duration: 36min
  • Episode 27-Discussing Israel and Palestine Part 1

    14/12/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Episode 26-Breaking our Technology Addiction with Andy Crouch

    28/11/2017 Duration: 37min
  • Episode 25-A Christian Response to DACA with Gabriel Salguero and Jenny Yang

    02/10/2017 Duration: 59min
  • Episode 24-“White Awake” with Daniel Hill

    02/10/2017 Duration: 57min
  • Episode 23-Amena Brown Owen

    26/05/2017 Duration: 38min
  • Episode 22-Justin Dillon

    26/05/2017 Duration: 31min
  • Episode 21-Sandra Van Opstal

    10/05/2017 Duration: 43min
  • Episode 20-Esther Havens

    10/05/2017 Duration: 37min
  • Episode 19-Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr.

    11/04/2017 Duration: 33min
  • Episode 18-Onleilove Alston

    11/04/2017 Duration: 32min
  • Episode 17-A.D. Thomason

    08/04/2017 Duration: 43min
  • Episode 16: Ann Voskamp

    15/03/2017 Duration: 38min
  • Episode 15: Jeremy Courtney

    15/03/2017 Duration: 37min
  • Episode 14: Shane Claiborne

    15/03/2017 Duration: 34min
  • Episode 13: Jenny Dyer

    15/03/2017 Duration: 29min
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