Beelinemedia Presents The B Side



The B Side ain't your typical podcast -- you know; one
person, one topic, one never-ending segment, and one
monotonous voice via one crap microphone.

Rather, it's packed with variety -- interviews, critique,
commentary, and comedy crammed into a radio-style
format, which means there's commercials (please
note the quotation marks) as well as a multi-segment
format that's easy to take while jamming your head
full of all kinds of ideas and relevant topics. Crummy TV,
pop culture, social garbage, natural stupidity -- nothing
is off limits, with every bit of it misguided by the skewed
viewpoint of cartoonist/satirist B. Morino.

Angry. Funny. Unpredictable. Lots to hear. Lots to dig


  • The B Side Episode 5.1 "The Commercials"

    11/01/2013 Duration: 23min
  • The B Side Episode 5

    12/11/2012 Duration: 29min
  • The B Side Episode 4

    15/08/2012 Duration: 29min
  • The B Side Episode 3

    12/05/2012 Duration: 29min
  • The B Side Episode 2

    11/04/2012 Duration: 29min
  • The B Side Episode 1

    11/04/2012 Duration: 32min