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  • VoE - Happy Birthday, Maru Chan!

    VoE - Happy Birthday, Maru Chan!

    30/05/2012 Duration: 52min

    Welcome back us! Maru, the most famous cat on the internet is getting older so we need to record more podcasts in time for her to mature enough to hear them! This episode descends into the gruesome, with stories of zombie attacks, honor student jailing and other messed up tales. Also Vivian needs a new mic.

  • VoE - Look Out, Nobody Even Likes You

    VoE - Look Out, Nobody Even Likes You

    16/03/2011 Duration: 39min

    Our game show episode. From Backronisms to Jeopardy to some random quiz game Viv found lying around. Questions of all sorts, queries of all kinds, incorrect answers consistently. The quality you've come to expect. With music from Treetop Brann!

  • VoE - Vivians Hiding Bodies!!!?

    VoE - Vivian's Hiding Bodies!!!?

    24/02/2011 Duration: 52min

    Super sleuthdom has its limits. Especially when you've repeatedly failed detective school.

  • VoE - 2011 Inaugural Cast

    VoE - 2011 Inaugural Cast

    16/02/2011 Duration: 36min

    Starting off the year with a loud rude noise, this episode covers all the bases. Wolves, awful rock music, Norway, Super nans, pots pans related rape attempts, and more!