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Double Barrell Doo-Doo is a show for those that want to have fun, laugh, learn new things and really just get by your day. We are smart dumb guys who just want the best for you. We talk about life, love, money, politics, sports, music and anything and everything under the sun. making you smile is whats important.


  • Where Have We Been?

    Where Have We Been?

    30/12/2020 Duration: 01h10min

    so it was fun to do. Tim from Man 2 Machine joined the Gorilla and Dropkick Mike to talk about. Well listen and find out

  • Claudia Hoyser

    Claudia Hoyser

    09/07/2020 Duration: 51min

    We had up and coming Country Music Superstar on the show. Claudia Hoyser is a jack of all trades and is plain out a great singer and soul. Please listen, share, and show some love.



    24/06/2020 Duration: 01h28min

    You don't want to miss this cast. Our new edition Tim joined us again to talk about the current times

  • Tim M2M Covid

    Tim M2M Covid

    11/05/2020 Duration: 01h36min

    we had Tim owner of Man to Machine in to talk about businesses and Covid. Great Convo. This is the longest cast to day for us and it flew by. Enjoy

  • energeticpulse


    28/03/2020 Duration: 32min