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Bryce and Dustin Radio or BAD Radio. Bryce Cooke (Main Host), Dustin Miller (Host), and Chris Ross (Host). Listen in to our halrious rants and raves as we explore unusual topics. Comedic happy fun times if you will. We Broadcast live on Sunday nights at 7:00pm sharp, right here on
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  • All About Emos - BAD Radio

    31/10/2008 Duration: 25min
  • Double Standards - BAD Radio

    24/10/2008 Duration: 33min
  • Freaky Films - BAD Radio

    17/10/2008 Duration: 30min
  • The Law of Shens - BAD Radio

    10/10/2008 Duration: 31min
  • Pepsi VS. Coke - BAD Radio

    03/10/2008 Duration: 51min
  • Confessions of a Facebook Stalker - BAD Radio

    26/09/2008 Duration: 18min