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  • Show #78 (4/17/19) - Feelin the Bern?

    Show #78 (4/17/19) - Feelin the Bern?

    20/04/2019 Duration: 24min

    Bernie Sanders wades into the Fox-hole and comes out looking somewhat like a triumphant mad scientist, Ilhan Omar finds herself embroiled in another controversy with el Presidente turning the dog whistle volume up to 10, and an old feline friend returns to shake up the golf world once again. Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

  • Show #77 (2/18/19) - Clutch Your Pearls, Its A National Emergency!

    Show #77 (2/18/19) - Clutch Your Pearls, It's A National Emergency!

    19/02/2019 Duration: 42min

    Hide your kids, hide your wife: it's a national emergency! Or is it? Trump is up to Trump things, the NFL comes out of its pockets to try to make its Kaepernick problem go away, Jussie Smollett seemingly gives an award-worthy performance as the Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Steve Harvey tells Mo'Nique that all's fair in the money game. Come along for the ride as the crew tries to make sense of it all. Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

  • Show #76 (1/31/19) - The King Shows His Cards

    Show #76 (1/31/19) - The King Shows His Cards

    01/02/2019 Duration: 35min

    We all knew that LeBron's move to La La Land was only part one of the saga. Who can resist the bright lights of Hollywood, the storied history of the Lakers, and the beautiful scenery from the hills to the ocean? And now that he's settled in, he's beginning to show his cards. Sorry New Orleans but it was good while it lasted. All aboard the Anthony Davis Express to Tinseltown.

  • Were Baaaack (1/28/19)

    We're Baaaack (1/28/19)

    29/01/2019 Duration: 17min

    Just a little taste of what's to come now that we're back. No filler, no gimmicks, no sound effects, just pure NHF Crew chopping it up about the government shutdown. Damn, it feels good to be home... Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -

  • Show #75 (10/16/18) - Closing the Book on Ye, Im the President  Youre Not,  Kaep Goes to Harvard

    Show #75 (10/16/18) - Closing the Book on Ye, I'm the President & You're Not, & Kaep Goes to Harvard

    19/10/2018 Duration: 36min

    The crew reassembles from the Midwest out to the West Coast to finally and definitively close the book on Kanye after internationally televised Oval Office rant about iPlanes and Superman and other unintelligible nonsense. Donald Trump also reminded us that he is in fact the President and we are not, in case there was any confusion. Wait there are real issues to be addressed in the world today? Probable voter suppression in Georgia? Colin Kaepernick getting an award from Harvard? So much news, so many notes and so little time. Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -