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    Box Office Pulp asks "Whose side are you one?" as Son Of Japan battles Ape Of Skull Island! One once died by gunfire, the other by water, but whoever wins, we lose, because this episode's title match is Godzilla vs. Kong: Place your bets! As the Monster/Monarch/Legendary-Verse takes a bow and Adam Wingard rises to the ranks of tentpole director, listen to our thoughts on the Thrilla With Gorilla! Is the (probably) final entry into Legendary Pictures' resurrection of the kaiju movie a worthy follow-up to our beloved King Of The Monsters, or does this fall prey to the usual big-monster-smashy shortcomings? Deliver on your momma's previous request of knocking us out by clicking here!   Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Amazon Podcasts:

  • Talking THE STYLIST with Director Jill Gevargizian

    Talking THE STYLIST with Director Jill Gevargizian


    Welcome to The BOP Salon! While you wait to be seen, help yourself to the second half at our look at THE STYLIST, where we sit down with director Jill Gevargizian of Sixx Tape Productions, as she chats about turning her day job into a slasher movie, the underutilized sub-genre of Cosmetic Horror, the balancing act of depicting a sympathetic killer, and why you should never direct your own death scene. Put in your earbuds, lean back in your chair, and tell Jill and the crew who you'd like to be. It's all as easy as a new hairdo... Avoid all haters at the club by downloading here! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Amazon Podcasts: Watch THE STYLIST on Arrow Video now!

  • KING KONG VS GODZILLA Commentary Track

    KING KONG VS GODZILLA Commentary Track


    The famous dust-ups of history: Ford vs. Ferrari! Ali vs. Fraiser! Niles vs. Fraiser! All meaningless compared to the rivalry that cracked open the very Earth in 1962, concerning one King Joseph Kong III and the kaiju who'll fry you, Godzilla! A cinematic empire was spawned the day fur-suit met scale-suit, and IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! Before you see their modern-day rematch, revisit the very first clash of these bitin' titans with The Crew's ringside commentary! BOP n' A Movie takes you back to a simpler time, when Godzilla was still a villain, giant apes could still drink, and monster movies were vessels for cultural satire. Who will be left standing, Honda's skyscraper-stomper or Fay Wray's ex-bae? Will the lizard king humble the prime primate, or will the ape-lord show him the hate-sword? WHICH TALL BOY SHALL FIND JOY IN-- I appear to be having a stroke, please help me. Burn King Kong like a Friar's Club roast by downloading the link here! Facebook:




    Look, it's been awhile since we've all gotten haircuts without threat of a deadly disease. But what if we told you that your hair can be cut and styled with upmost aplomb, glass of wine in hand, and for a cutthroat price? Only catch? You miiiight be scalped and have your fancy new hair stolen. Or you can forgo haircuts and enjoy this podcast that snips away at the finer details of THE STYLIST! Featuring a haunting performance by Najarra Townsend and a charismatic as always Brea Grant, writer-director Jill Gevargizian's descent into the frayed ends of madness provides a callback to the likes of MANIAC, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS and more, but carves its own aesthetic with a disturbing and soulful realism for a tale of identity, loneliness, and murder. Try on some scalps for size by downloading now! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher:




    Take gore and grime, mix well with bright lights and vibrant colors, add a pinch of flair on the soundtrack and you've got yourself... a ROLLER DISCO MASSACRE! Continuing our look at THE NIGHT SITTER, we chat with the creators themselves, writer-directors John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn, Producer Cristian Quintero and Editor Tristan Borys! Covering the origins of the film, yuletide inspirations, the going prices of gore these days, filming in your childhood home, the ease of scalping another human being for entertainment, our Lord and Savior Thomas 'Tobacco' Fec, and putting together their first feature. Download the interview now before someone pummels you to death with a dumbbell! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Amazon Podcasts: Check o




    You've heard the BOP Crew talk about their love of genre cinema before, but not their love of watching other people express that passion with more eloquence and sex appeal! This episode, we're talking about IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS II, the second leg of CreatorVC's critically-acclaimed journey through the horror cinema of the 1980s, with new interviews from Nancy Allen, Linnea Quigley, Clancy Brown, and at least one member of Slipknot. With a longer length and more diverse subject matter, is it as entertaining and rewatchable as the original, or is this the Halloween II (either of them) of horror docs? If you are Clint Howard, click here to download the episode and get revenge. All others ignore! Facebook: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Amazon Podcasts:




    As we bury the holiday season in the dirt where it belongs, why not end things with a bang by taking a look at a new seasonal horror gem? From directors-in-crime Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco comes The Night Sitter, a crowd-funded comedy about a boy and his babysitter trapped in a house with suitors, high people, and evil old women who feed off the death of innocence. So, the usual Christmas experience. But behind the familiar trappings lies a red-and-green throwback to the supernatural Giallos of old, with Elyse Dufour leading a memorable cast of newcomers through a night of scheming ghost hunter wannabes, demonically possessed thots, and the best trio of witches since the Sanderson Sisters, in a story that's as endearing as it is scary-- and absolutely friggin' hilarious. Download here so the nerd next door may teach you the mystic arts! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts:

  • Wonder Woman 1984 Is Good, Actually

    Wonder Woman 1984 Is Good, Actually


    Grab your magic stone and wish for better hosts, because Mike and Jamie are talking about Wonder Woman 1984, the Christmas Day release that marked a new era of digital distribution for Warner Bros. and their new HBO Max streaming service, much to the chagrin of studios and some audiences. But beneath the controversies and the twitter roasting lies one of the most original and far-reaching superhero films in ages, and your hosts have a lot to say about the movie's themes of self-truth, the relevancy of its message and how the movie succeeds in delivering it-- and how it doesn't. All that and the animal magnetism of Pedro Pascal, the magnetic animalism of Kristen Wiig, and the 101 ways Chris Pine could have been brought back better! Protect your loved ones from the machinations of Simon Stagg by clicking here! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: http://www.sti

  • THE THIN MAN Commentary Track

    THE THIN MAN Commentary Track


    Holidays got you drained? Not particularly festive this year? Feel like punching a stranger if you see another Leg Lamp? Then BOP n' A Movie has a non-denominational, seasonally-appropriate treat where Santa keeps his jolly ass at home: 1934's booze-and-clues classic THE THIN MAN! Join Mike & Jamie Charles, along with their pet drunk Cody, as they investigate what's made this feel-good homicidal romp stand the test of time. From William Powell and Myna Loy's one-of-a-kind chemistry, to the film's uncanny talent for sending-up noir tropes before they were even tropes, you couldn't ask for a cozier movie to get sloshed to. Kill The Thin Man and bury him in your basement by downloading the commentary here! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Podcasts:

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 5  6

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 5 & 6


    So it's come to this. Jamie and Cody are reaching the end of their trek through the life of Burt Gummer, and have seen the mustache man's most terrifying foe yet: IP cash-ins. On its penultimate episode, You Can't Kill The Gummer looks at the two movies that brought back the graboids for a new generation, for better or worse, 2015's Tremors 5: Bloodlines and 2018's Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell. The first entries in the franchise without the involvement of Stampede Entertainment, are these Jamie Kennedy-centric fahter-and-son survivalist bonding adventures worthy of the legacy of worm-explodin' that came before them? No. DOWNLOAD THIS LINK SO YOU, TOO, MAY PONDER THE ENDLESS MYSTERY OF WHY BURT CHANGED HIS HAT THAT ONE TIME  Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:




     In the fall of 2020, Cody Alft, Mike Napier, and Jamie Marshall set out to record a Thanksgiving episode of their podcast, on the UPN original movie Alien Abduction: Incident At Lake County. What they purportedly captured on their microphones was more than just a discussion of obscure cinema. The following BOP n' A Movie commentary track, if real, could be the most important evidence ever that the found footage subgenre has roots reaching back long before Blair Witch. As you avoid election discourse with relatives, listen to the crew of Box Office Pulp detail their childhood memories of Dean Alioto's little-known yet deeply influential UFO thriller, the original lost film it was based on, and the bizarre conspiracy both movies found themselves at the center of. DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE, COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED, AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes:

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS


    Sit around this campfire, podcast listener, and we shall tell you a tale. A tale of greed, and deception, and unstoppable will. A tale of a young country growing out of stolen soil, and the blood that watered it. And sandworms. It's Tremors, we're talking about Tremors again, it's another Tremors episode. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, to be exact! Join Silver Tycoon Cody and Schoolmarm Jamie as they explore the last entry in the series to involve original co-creator S.S. Wilson, a Weird Western prequel that's as out-of-left-field as finales get, but also... might have the most to say out of the whole lot? We're just as surprised as you are, honestly. A word of advice, listener: Any link can be downloaded from, and if you can, do. Download the episode, I mean. This is the link. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION


    Much like Frosty The Snowman and the star power of Bradley Cooper, graboids never stay gone for too long, and You Can't Kill The Gummer is back with a look at Tremors 3: Back To Perfection. After five long years, we return to Burt and his home of Perfection, Nevada, a festering hellhole of false cowboys, shady real estate schemes, and more sandworm-themed tourist traps than Frank Herbert's home town.How does this return to form for the series stack up against the form it was returning from? Join Cody, Jamie, and The Endangered Ass-Blasters Of America as they put entirely too much thought into the answer! DO WE HAVE A DOWNLOAD LINK? YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT WE ARE. Er, we do. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY-DOO! Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY-DOO! Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)


    You walk out onto an unfamiliar street, your legs doing the thinking for you. The chill steals the last remnants of warmth from your breath, turning it to a cool mist before your eyes. It's dark, as dark as it gets, but even so there are shadows, long and threatening, cast by nothing at all. As it strikes you how improbable that is, you hear the children, unseen but approaching, the clatter of their hurried footsteps nearly drowning out their endless, maddening chant: "Come on, Scooby, where you been? Trouble's on the loose again." It is Big-Ass Pumpkin Day, and no God or demon can deliver you from the jaws of celebration. So why don'tcha pop on the BOP Crew's commentary for this season's surprise gem, Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo? Join Mike, Cody, and the rest as they uncover the secrets of Einstein's Fridge, marvel at the lengths a kid's cartoon will go to to keep Elvira dirty, and curse the name of the most arch Scarecrow to never interact with Batman. Has the creator of The Grim Adventures Of Billy & M

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TERMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TERMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS


    Fetch your combustible RC cars and Graboids™ arcade cabinet, because this retrospective on the Tremors sequels has finally reached its first Tremors sequel! This week Cody and Jamie are revisiting Tremors 2: Aftershocks, the 1996 follow-up that brings half the cast, a quarter of the budget, but three times the Fred Ward. Could this hold the dubious honor of the greatest DTV sequel of all time? What the hell is going on with Graboid physiology? And how does the fall of the Soviet Union play into the origin story of the greatest monster hunter to ever live... in Nevada? I don't know, I just write the descriptions. I AM COMPLETELY OUT OF DOWNLOAD LINKS. EXCEPT THIS ONE. TREMORS QUOTES REALLY DON'T WORK FOR THESE. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS


    During these trying times the auto commercials tell us we're having, everyone's looking for comfort food. So while Mike wages a private war with his internet provider, Cody and Jamie are digging into one of the few things from their childhoods that have weathered all life's thrown at them and come out still kicking: The Tremors franchise, mainlined by one of the longest-running monster hunters in film, Burt Gummer. Welcome to You Can't Kill The Gummer. the podcast where nobody owns a helicopter! Leading up to the release of seventh (!) entry in the series, they're revisiting each chapter in the Graboid saga, starting with the cult classic that drifted through theaters in January of 1990, but caused a VHS revolution a few months later. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as adorable Action Buddies, one of the best creature designs of the 90's, and Michael Gross chewing the scenery with country singer/sitcom star Reba McEntire? Best movie ever. Best movie ever. (And be sure to check us out on Amazon Music now, available

  • DIY Demons: Lake Michigan Monster  Host

    DIY Demons: Lake Michigan Monster & Host


    If you're anything like the BOP Crew, you've been idling away Virus Year with as many homebrew projects as you can. But while some of us are building LEGO castles or recutting Excalibur to be in sync, indie artists have been proving how much can be done with hardly anything at all. Join Cody and Jamie as they hype up Arrow's "Lake Michigan Monster", and Shudder's "Host", two wildly different, direct-to-streaming genre entries from directors Ryland Brickson Cole Tews and Rob Savage. Nautical hijinks abound as BOP delves into the changing definition of DIY filmmaking, the structural efficiency of the one-hour horror movie, and what a drunken sea captain's battle with a Cuphead boss says about America in 2020. Warning: If you download this episode, for the love of god, be RESPECTFUL. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: http://www.stitc

  • DOOM Commentary Track

    DOOM Commentary Track


    Within the unseen Umbral Plains of Hollywood, film studios rip souls from promising films, producing husks of celluloid innards designed by The Nameless Marketers to please no one. Cinemas and discount bins infested with once earnest oaths for proper adaptation. Nowhere is this demonic pact more brutal than the videogame movie. The simplest of concepts, confused and contorted into unhuman wretches. It takes only podcasters with huge guts to examine the why and the how of such torment. A stellar cast, a writer with cred, the perfect blueprint, everything going for it and the right eye toward B-movie flair. But as it is written: the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Never truer than in 2005's long-awaited DOOM movie. Join us in Not Hell for this BOP 'n A Tragedy Commentary Track for this still kind of enjoyable heresy against a game classic, hopefully getting to the bottom of how it came together. BOP and Pod... until it is done! Completely miss with the BFG by downloading the commentary here! Fin

  • X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Commentary Track

    X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Commentary Track


    He's the best at what he does, unfortunately, what he does in no way involves the power to tell Tom Rothman "no." The BOP Crew reaches the zenith of X-Men Generation One in our X-Retrospective series, along with the zenith of late 2000s 20th Century Fox Tom-foolery (see what we did there?). This is our audio commentary for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, a film meant to kickstart a spin-off series of Origin titles, be Gavin Hood's big break, the start of a (very) different Deadpool, plus many other incredibly broken promises. Instead, a writer's strike, producer and executive arguments, conflicting ideals, last minute changes, the entire film being leaked onto the internet, and a myriad of other problems forever altered an R-rated revenge tale about Logan's war-torn PTSD into... well, you've seen it. Certainly a Tragedy! Insert yourself into the Pool, the Dead Pool, by downloading the commentary here! Find us on Facebook: Twitter:

  • X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Commentary Track

    X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Commentary Track


    Audiences and third films. They have long struggled to co-exist, with studios stretching directors to the point of burnout, and others choosing new blood to handle the ballooning budgets and ravenous expectations. Neither strategy has prevailed, and X-Men: The Last Stand exists as a monument to this riddle so few can solve. Join BOP n' A Movie as we move into Tragedy territory on the third leg of our X-Men commentary series, dissecting one of the most infamous disappointments of the 2000's, a film so poorly-received it was held partially responsible for "killing" the superhero movie before the MCU began printing money. 20th Century Fox (RIP) was a very different company in 2006, and the road that led to us becoming Juggernaut's bitch is strewn with false starts, corporate betrayals, message board tea-spilling, greed, addiction, and even more troubles in the Job-like existence of James Marsden. But underneath the jump-cuts and the botched story-lines, is there a solid X-Men story hiding out at Magneto's Summer

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