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Kosovo is a small country in Southeastern Europe which was part of the former Yugoslavia. In the late 1990s Kosovo suffered a war between Serbian forces and rebel Albanian fighters who wanted an independent state. Since then the country has been rebuilding itself. This podcast investigates the current political climate in Kosovo in regards to women’s positions in politics and everyday life. The gender quota system in the government and its implementation are explored, as well as other aspects of society where women are marginalized.


  • Breaking Boundaries: Kosovos First Female Mayor

    Breaking Boundaries: Kosovo's First Female Mayor

    05/02/2017 Duration: 23min

    Mayor of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari-Lila is the first and only female mayor in Kosovo. She was elected in 2013 within the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) party, after running in 2009 as well but not gaining enough votes. Before serving as major she was a Deputy MP for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • Fighting Gender Stereotypes by Empowering Men

    Fighting Gender Stereotypes by Empowering Men

    05/02/2017 Duration: 31min

    Besnik Leka directs a program called the Young Men’s Initiative aimed at teaching young men in Kosovo about masculinity and gender norms. The program recently started to train new fathers as well.

  • From Engineer to MP

    From Engineer to MP

    23/07/2016 Duration: 37min

    Teuta Sahaqija has been a member of Parliament for over 11 years. She shares her thoughts on how women are viewed in politics and society in general and what more needs to be achieved for women to be seen as equals with men.

  • An Everlasting International Presence: OSCE

    An Everlasting International Presence: OSCE

    23/07/2016 Duration: 27min

    Maria Berishaj is a Program Manger at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and works on empowering women throughout Kosovo. Her main projects include teaching women how to be involved in decision making processes at a local level.

  • Newborn Nation

    Newborn Nation

    23/07/2016 Duration: 12min

    This initial episode is much shorter than the rest as it describes the purpose of the podcast. A brief history of Kosovo is presented, along with a summary of the gender quota system currently in place.