Subject To Licence




  • Episode 4: Jungle Tragedy Graph of Truth Edition

    Episode 4: Jungle Tragedy Graph of Truth Edition


    This week we present human trafficking, tales from the library, easter eggs and the harrowing tale of the Bav Towers. Trust me, you'll cry. We also answer some of your questions, mostly with answers none of you expect or want. DownloadSoundcloudiTunes

  • Episode 3: Prodigal Son Edition

    Episode 3: Prodigal Son Edition


    Oh! hello there,Its been so long I can hardly remember you all. Hows things with you? Oh, thats good... Well, in our absence we've managed to record another podcast! This weeks topics include Ciaran's Gig, The Trinity Ball, Eggcorns and a special surprise. So, put those feet up and enjoy what can only be described as a nightmare hell ride of a podcast that you're sure to enjoy or at least not hate.DownloadSoundcloudiTunes

  • Episode 2: The Difficult Second Album

    Episode 2: The Difficult Second Album


    Hello there friends,The long awaited follow up to the groundbreaking Subject to Licence has finally hit the magic internet waves! For your listening pleasure this week, we've discussed, Lent, St.Patrick's Day,'s top 100 Comedy Movies and Take Me Out. So, we hope you saved yourself a glass of that fine brandy and are ready to be mildly bemused.*DownloadSoundcloudiTunes*Results may vary.

  • Episode 1

    Episode 1


    Hello there friends, The very first episode of the podcast sensation that is Subject to Licence has just hit the internet, so put on those slippers, grab yourself a glass of brandy, sit back, relax and most importantly enjoy! Direct DownloadSoundcloudiTunes