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  • Messy Monday Returns!! 12.5.11

    Messy Monday Returns!! 12.5.11

    06/12/2011 Duration: 02h36min

    We been M.I.A. for like a Year now, taking care of business and making things happen, but we back in effect, not sure of how long, so enjoy while you can!!! ♥♥♥ We love yall for loving US!!!

  • #messyValentinesDay :) 2/14/2011

    #messyValentinesDay :) 2/14/2011

    15/02/2011 Duration: 01h42min

    Shooting at MTSU???? Prank Calls!!! New Singles from Relationships & Bullshit CD from Miss Mama Queen?! Cutest Couple Interaction on Facebook for Valentines Day? Topic: "????"

  • continuation of #messymonday 2/7/2011

    continuation of #messymonday 2/7/2011

    08/02/2011 Duration: 59min


  • #messymonday 2/7/2011

    #messymonday 2/7/2011

    08/02/2011 Duration: 01h56min

    Another Messy Monday, and it shall be just that. This past week the small city of Murfreesboro has been the talk of Facebook, as several fake pages were created booking and revealing rumors about several local people. Many people blamed me and slug for creating the pages, sending us into a full blown investigation of the issue. Tonight we will be doing Pranks and the usual Messy Monday business. As well as revealing the outcome of our investigation. We apologize in advance for any hurt feelings and/or misunderstandings, but it will be told like we found it... keep it cute.

  • #messymonday 1/31/10

    #messymonday 1/31/10

    01/02/2011 Duration: 02h01min