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Where you can find the weekly Main Character Cast podcast presented by Tony, Thomas, Hunter, and Jeff. We discuss anime/manga (both new and old) and keep up on the latest industry news. Join us on our usually lighthearted, sometimes heated, and hopefully always entertaining adventures.


  • Side Character Cast Episode 24: Chekhovs Two-Sided Mirror

    Side Character Cast Episode 24: Chekhov's Two-Sided Mirror

    19/05/2017 Duration: 01h16min

    Welcome back. This podcast continues to exist, despite our hero's best efforts. Stories are proceeding apace, and next episode should spell the final chapter of the real world portion, for better or worse. Nisekoi is chocolate, which it basically was all along, if you stop and think about it. The fighting begins to waver a bit for the Girls, and Umi wastes a perfectly good side character.

  • Side Character Cast Episode 23: Like One or Two Shades of Grey

    Side Character Cast Episode 23: Like One or Two Shades of Grey

    08/05/2017 Duration: 59min

    We join our hero in the midst of a pitched battle for the state of the union. Also some manga is there. It's night time at Nagi's house, chocolate day for the girls of Nisekoi, and the hour of punches for the girls of Girls. Our hero realizes some things about how the world works, and arbitrarily makes conjectures about the rest. Two and a half cliffhangers out of three.