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We are like the ice cream cone with the multi flavors you accidentally dropped in the dirt, but still eat because its way to delicious to resist.


  • Were Back! Ep #3

    We're Back! Ep #3

    02/09/2010 Duration: 24min

    Seraphina, Molly, and Ziggy are BACK to the podcasting world and ready to fill your ears with a ton of nonsensical bullshit. On this episode, we talk about the Phelps family, a radical group of religious bigots who plan on boycotting a 30 Seconds to Mars show the trio plans on attending. They also cover pathetic childhood stories, why Chicago has the best music scene, and how Q101 should endorse this podcast. (Just kidding) We also give a huge shout out to a few Chi-Town Peeps: Q101 Chicago's Alternative: Tim Virgin: Abe Kanan and his amazing podcast folk: Ryan Manno: JBTV: We also mention Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees: The Shout out Louds: Lights: The Gaslight Anthem:

  • Its Only A Movie

    It's Only A Movie

    09/04/2010 Duration: 52min

    This episode of The Officially Whatever Podcast introduces our new co-hosts, Molly Misery and Ziggy Dame.  We discuss a great deal of randomly disturbing things, including a man that rips his own face off, a movie that was so terrible the trailer fried our brains, and how a womans assets shocked a man to death.  We talk artsy fartsy, discussing an amazing painter's incredible talent and review the book, "Go Ask Alice." We spew random and completely useless bits of information, and gush about our favorite musicians. The most exciting part of the episode is when we leak some highly entertaining extremely Hollywood lethal information. The possibilities of this podcast are endless. Hope you enjoy, but please, proceed with caution. This one is a doozy.  

  • A Bad Case of Lenny Jacobson

    A Bad Case of Lenny Jacobson

    25/03/2010 Duration: 52min

    We are very excited to announce the first ever episode of The Whatever Podcast! Our first episode is exceptionally special because Nurse Jackie actor Lenny Jacobson graced us with his presence as our guest host! We talked to Lenny about everything from his role on Nurse Jackie, his co-stars Merritt Wever and Edie Falco, music, movie news, and more Nurse Jackie! We were very excited to have him on the show as our and very thankful to him for agreeing! Follow Lenny on Twitter: @LennyJacobson Be sure to tune in to Nurse Jackie season two Monday nights at 10PM ET/PT.