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  • Peter James | Clashing With Every Single Person

    Peter James | Clashing With Every Single Person

    19/02/2018 Duration: 43min

    We’re joined by legendary Hillsong keyboardist and sound designer Peter James. Peter has been playing piano/keys for the last 25+ years, and has been heavily involved with Hillsong Church as a volunteer on the weekends, as well as being employed by Hillsong United and Hillsong International Leadership College as a lecturer for the past 13 […]

  • Grant Norsworthy | Prancing, Stancing, Left And Right Glancing

    Grant Norsworthy | Prancing, Stancing, Left And Right Glancing

    09/01/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    A Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning musician (formerly with Sonicflood and Paul Colman Trio), Grant Norsworthy is also the founder, owner, content developer and principal instructor for More Than Music Mentor, providing online and on-site training to equip church singers, instrumentalists and technicians for artistic excellence and authentic worship. In this captivating podcast episode, we talk about […]

  • Christian Nuckels | Open Up Your Hands

    Christian Nuckels | Open Up Your Hands

    02/10/2017 Duration: 01h06min

    Christian Nuckels joins us to talk about his unlikely journey into ministry and songwriting, the process of songwriting, how production is part of that (but can also get in the way), and how collaboration can mature a song and invest others in it. Christian show us a more generous way of creating- a way that […]

  • Dan Cuomo | Something’s Wrong With That Click Track

    Dan Cuomo | Something’s Wrong With That Click Track

    24/07/2017 Duration: 44min

    Dan Cuomo joins the show to share his thoughts, wisdom and experience playing rock drums, getting signed to a major label (40 Records) and touring Europe, and then deciding what’s next. Today you will find Dan playing modern worship drums in churches all over the DC/MD/VA area. I hold Dan up as an example of exactly […]

  • Nikki Lerner | You All Know The Words

    Nikki Lerner | You All Know The Words

    26/06/2017 Duration: 01h21min

    With Nikki Lerner as our guest, we immediately get to the heart of doing multicultural worship. Nikki helps us explore our motivations, ask better questions, and avoid common pitfalls. She gives us a way to think about multicultural worship that has nothing to do with meeting quotas. Instead, she asks us to be deliberate and base our […]

  • Jon Waller | Destroyed an Entire Genre

    Jon Waller | Destroyed an Entire Genre

    22/05/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    Jon joins the show discussing a range of genres based around Jazz to include Gospel and Neo Soul. Along the way, he shares samples from some projects he has done. We wrap up with his thoughts on the kinds of music that belongs in church, the role the church plays in moving music forward, as well as his thoughts on […]

  • William Brew IV | The Way It Is

    William Brew IV | The Way It Is

    10/10/2016 Duration: 49min

    William Brew joins us for an enlightening episode of drumming and discovery. Along the way we discuss his love of the CCM genre, what he really thinks of when he thinks of “space”, and how you get there overnight. If you aren’t allowed to have a drum kit in the house, Brew recommends Vater Double Sided Practice Pads. #noexcuses Reach […]

  • David Loftis | Diverse By Design

    David Loftis | Diverse By Design

    23/05/2016 Duration: 51min

    Friend of the show, David Loftis, talks to us about about the challenges of producing three very different worship services each week: one old school featuring a choir, one new school with a band, and one somewhere in between with multiple (SAT / SATB) voices. If that isn’t enough, Dave is has a heart for growing the next generation of […]

  • Trent Walker | Experts in Photoshop

    Trent Walker | Experts in Photoshop

    15/02/2016 Duration: 55min

    Trent Walker talks to us about stepping out in faith- leaving a perfectly good job as a church worship leader to take the show on the road with his wife, Siobhan, and their five kids. Obviously passionate about the mission of the Church, Trent challenges us in simple but direct ways with profound implications: to put away […]

  • Gavin Morris | Never Really Said Anything

    Gavin Morris | Never Really Said Anything

    25/01/2016 Duration: 43min

    As the frontman and lead songwriter of Break The Fall, Gavin walks us through the process of creating their latest EP “The Wanderers“. From the preproduction writing, to choosing a producer, to packing up a van and driving eight hours to Nashville to record, it’s fantastic to hear the intentionality behind their creation. Break The Fall: Website | […]

  • Steven Kristopher | 40th Birthday Gift

    Steven Kristopher | 40th Birthday Gift

    10/12/2015 Duration: 01h05min

    Steven Krisopher shares what was behind his most recent project, With Abandon, (edit: released December 15th, 2015). With sixty minutes of music in ten songs, he talks about how his desire for this project was to let the songs breathe. Primarily a pianist, Steven wrote this project on the acoustic guitar and did a textbook rock keyboard/piano treatment, after programming the drums […]

  • John B Stanley | The Language of Heaven

    John B Stanley | The Language of Heaven

    28/09/2015 Duration: 01h06min

    John B Stanley (Twitter, Reverb Nation, iTunes) challenges us to do better music in our services and gives us the behind-the-scenes story of his “Drum Spectacular”. Also check out his post on this in Modern Drummer. Along the way we discuss his influences, most especially Lee Ritenour (Wiki, iTunes, Amazon) with Omar Hakim (Wiki, iTunes), and Hans Zimmer (Wiki, iTunes, Amazon). Without further […]

  • Dave Tauler – Not Enough Bassoon Gigs

    Dave Tauler – Not Enough Bassoon Gigs

    17/08/2015 Duration: 48min

    In this podcast episode, Dave talks to us about how playing wind instruments informs the way he approaches singing and composition, and warns us about how solo instruments can conflict with vocals. He then gives us his formula for using these instruments in a band setting, describing not only where to play but where not to play. Along the […]

  • Season 1 Remix | Kaleidoscope Edition

    Season 1 Remix | Kaleidoscope Edition

    03/08/2015 Duration: 59min

    While recording and editing the first 18 episodes of the podcast, I began to notice some of the content commented on some of the other content. I began to think how awesome it might be to hear these ideas back-to-back, remixed into a super-episode, which would demonstrate both the importance of the ideas, as well as some of the different ways they’re approached. […]

  • Jay Smith, ‘Cathartic Worship’

    Jay Smith, ‘Cathartic Worship’

    30/03/2015 Duration: 44min

    Guitarist Jay Smith spends 45 minutes with us pretty much not talking about guitars at all. Instead we discuss worship, art, venue, and the role of music in the church. If you like discussions that go deep, you won’t want to miss this one. To connect with Jay in DC, visit our convergence.org “Eminent”; composed, […]

  • Laura Blankenship, ‘Unbelieve It’

    Laura Blankenship, ‘Unbelieve It’

    23/03/2015 Duration: 35min

    Laura shares the secrets and struggles of her journey as a Worship Leader and songwriter as a wife and mother of two young children. In particular, she addresses the maturity and people skills required to be successful in leadership. You’ll hear how she programs her musicians for three services with respect to their individual availability.  Finally, she talks about […]

  • Jayson D. Bradley, “3/4 Waltz”

    Jayson D. Bradley, “3/4 Waltz”

    16/03/2015 Duration: 46min

    Jayson talks to us about his passion for leading worship in a small church, the pitfalls and dangers of turning worship into a formula, and why the church needs more laments. For more of his thoughtful musings read “A Worship Leader Questions Modern Worship“, and visit jaysondbradley.com

  • Terri Plant, ‘Carrying Shoes’

    Terri Plant, ‘Carrying Shoes’

    09/03/2015 Duration: 57min

    Vocalist Terri Plant talks to us about cross-cultural singing in both English and Arabic, and how music has both moved into (been a gift) and out of (been a hindrance to) her life in service to God. Terri sings “En Tal El Layl” “If the night should prolong” Words: Wafaa Adel Music: Amgad Saad Zakri […]

  • Chordy, ‘Four out of Five Times’

    Chordy, ‘Four out of Five Times’

    02/03/2015 Duration: 58min

    Keyboardist John “Chordy” Teagle talks to us about growing up with a love for playing keys, the impact of learning theory in his playing, his wish for the direction of popular music, and some parting thoughts on genres. Chordy’s Influences: James Poiser (Website) Corey Henry (Amazon, iTunes) Snarky Puppy (Amazon, iTunes) Vince Guraldi (Amazon, iTunes) Johnny Costa […]

  • Brandon Peoples, ‘Back Pew Baptist’

    Brandon Peoples, ‘Back Pew Baptist’

    23/02/2015 Duration: 46min

    Brandon (keyboardist for Break The Fall) talks to us about his thoughts as a “Back Pew Baptist“, sitting in the rear of a church, helping with the tech program, watching, and thinking about why we’re doing a lot of the things we do in church. This podcast all started with a thoughtful tweet (and my followup […]

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