Sports Outta Ballwin



Long time St. Louis-based friends Mark and Ross discuss sports and take part in quasi-intelligent and mildly informed hot take battles.


  • Sports Outta Ballwin - Episode 11 - NBA Predictions

    Sports Outta Ballwin - Episode 11 - NBA Predictions

    12/10/2017 Duration: 01h37min

    Ross and Mark return to discuss the St. Louis Cardinals' shortcomings, the MLB playoffs, college football, the NCAA investigation, and finally, preview the upcoming 2017-18 NBA season.

  • Sports Outta Ballwin - Episode 10 - Dont Call It a Comeback

    Sports Outta Ballwin - Episode 10 - Don't Call It a Comeback

    14/09/2017 Duration: 01h09min

    Ross and Mark return from a long hiatus to discuss the many happenings in the September sports landscape. They battle over why they do (or do not) watch the NFL anymore. They discuss the Kyrie trade that changed the landscape of the Eastern Conference. Ross regales the audience with tales of his triumphant travels to Columbus. And they break down the Cardinals' chances of making a miracle run to the postseason after being left for dead.