Great Fools (fowey Fellowship)



No one likes to be thought a fool but what does God think?


  • Jesus said - It is Written.

    Jesus said - It is Written.

    05/03/2012 Duration: 37min

    The authority of the Word of God is constantly being rejected and modified according to man's ideas, fashion and the 'theology' in vogue at any particular time and covering a wide range of those within various churches - from the Archbishop of Canterbury through to leaders of the Emergent church.

  • Fools and slow to believe all the prophets.

    Fools and slow to believe all the prophets.

    20/02/2012 Duration: 35min

    If only people had believed the inspired writings of the prophets as recorded in the Old Testament Scriptures, from the time of Moses and all through the other books. If only....

  • The Biggest Fool.

    The Biggest Fool.

    16/12/2011 Duration: 20min

    We are travelling through life on either of two roads: a broad road which “leads to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat”, and “a narrow way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7.13/14)