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Its about helping more people more often say Yes to God. God is speaking to us all the time, whispering and coaxing us to follow His lead and trust Him more. Living as a believer is learning to discern the voice of the Lord and being obedient to whatever He says. Some people hear that voice urging them to give God a try. Then they sense the call to give their lives to Christ. That voice continues to speak with greater regularity and boldness as Jesus leads us into the life He designed for us. As He once said, My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27)


  • Buried to Blossom Part:1

    Buried to Blossom Part:1

    05/04/2021 Duration: 33min

    In this Easter message, Pastor Darrin shares the biblical teaching on what happens after we die and how the resurrection of Jesus gives us hope of a similar resurrection!

  • An Appointment with Jesus (The Chosen Part:10)

    An Appointment with Jesus (The Chosen Part:10)

    29/03/2021 Duration: 37min

    In this final sermon to coincide with Episode 8 of The Chosen, Pastor Darrin discusses Jesus' intentionality in meeting us where we are, even when we don't expect it, and our role in helping arrange his appointments with others. 

  • Birth, Wind  Fire (The Chosen Part:8)

    Birth, Wind & Fire (The Chosen Part:8)

    21/03/2021 Duration: 42min

    Pastor Darrin shows how Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus rocked his world but opened his eyes to the true path to eternal life. 

  • Heavens Healer (The Chosen:8)

    Heaven's Healer (The Chosen:8)

    15/03/2021 Duration: 37min

    In this message, Pastor Darrin draws lessons from two of Jesus' great healing miracles and their implications for us today as we seek his healing from our physical, emotional, relational and spiritual brokenness.

  • Water Into Wine (The Chosen Part:7)

    Water Into Wine (The Chosen Part:7)

    08/03/2021 Duration: 35min

    Worship Pastor, Matt Ross, delivers a message on the significance of Jesus turning water into wine.

  • Fishers of Men (The Chosen Part:6)

    Fishers of Men (The Chosen Part:6)

    01/03/2021 Duration: 44min

    Pastor Darrin reflects on Episode 4 of The Chosen and Jesus' call to each one of us to join him in bringing others into the Kingdom family.

  • Jesus Loves The Little Children (The Chosen Part:5)

    Jesus Loves The Little Children (The Chosen Part:5)

    22/02/2021 Duration: 38min

    Pastor Darrin explains why children mattered to Jesus, and how they should matter to us

  • The Rest-Giver (The Chosen Part:4)

    The Rest-Giver (The Chosen Part:4)

    15/02/2021 Duration: 42min

    Pastor Darrin shares how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Sabbath and the One in whom we truly find rest for our souls!

  • The Rescuer (The Chosen Part:3)

    The Rescuer (The Chosen Part:3)

    08/02/2021 Duration: 44min

    This week Pastor Darrin reflects on Jesus'' deliverance of Mary Magdalene and how our lives are changed forever when we encounter Jesus. Bonnie Meaux also shares her own story of how Jesus came to her rescue!

  • The Spotless Lamb (The Chosen Part:2)

    The Spotless Lamb (The Chosen Part:2)

    01/02/2021 Duration: 38min

     Pastor Darrin shares the main theme of The Shepherd video and how Jesus is the Lamb of God who was sacrificed for our sins.

  • Choose Jesus (The Chosen Part:1)

    Choose Jesus (The Chosen Part:1)

    25/01/2021 Duration: 25min

    This is the opening message in our new series based on the hit TV show The CHOSEN. Pastor Darrin gives an overview of this church initiative and what it means to be chosen by God.

  • Surrendered Wills (Blue Sky Part:3)

    Surrendered Wills (Blue Sky Part:3)

    18/01/2021 Duration: 36min

    In this final message in this series on vision, Pastor Darrin talks about how to respond to God when your heart is burdened with a need. Nothing really changes until we come before him and acknowledge who he is, what he can do, and how he can use us for his glory. 

  • Restless Hearts (Blue Sky Part:2)

    Restless Hearts (Blue Sky Part:2)

    10/01/2021 Duration: 45min

    In order to discover God's vision, we must open our eyes both to what is and what should be. But in order for that vision to arouse us to action, we must allow our hearts to become unsettled by the realities that exist. We learn from Nehemiah that God wants us to mourn, weep, fast and pray so that become broken by the things that break the heart of God.

  • Open Eyes (Blue Sky Part:1)

    Open Eyes (Blue Sky Part:1)

    04/01/2021 Duration: 34min

    One year ago, people were talking about 2020 vision. Then the coronavirus changed everyone’s plans. As we enter a new year, we believe God had fresh dreams for his Church.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at Nehemiah’s example to help us discern God’s new vision for PPCC, and your part in it!

  • The Light In Dark Days

    The Light In Dark Days

    27/12/2020 Duration: 37min

    Pastor Rick Dettling preaches on the subject, "The Light In Dark Days".

  • God In Us (Immanuel Part:3)

    God In Us (Immanuel Part:3)

    24/12/2020 Duration: 25min

    Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde finishes the series on Immanuel titled, God In Us.

  • God With Us (Immanuel Part:2)

    God With Us (Immanuel Part:2)

    21/12/2020 Duration: 34min

    Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde Continues the series of Immanuel on "God With Us".

  • God For Us (Immanuel Part:1)

    God For Us (Immanuel Part:1)

    14/12/2020 Duration: 43min

    Worship Pastor Matt Ross discusses a controversial subject and a much needed message about how God is for us.  Specifically discussing what God's word says about abortion.

  • Shepherds Keeping Watch (1st Peter Part:11)

    Shepherds Keeping Watch (1st Peter Part:11)

    07/12/2020 Duration: 41min

    Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde discusses  how God has designed every local church to be governed by a group called the Elders. Peter takes a moment in his letter to address these church leaders and remind the congregation of the importance of their role and our responsibility to support them.

  • Pearls in the Pain (1st Peter Part:10)

    Pearls in the Pain (1st Peter Part:10)

    29/11/2020 Duration: 38min

    Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde teaches on how we may never know the reason for our suffering, but we always know that God is at work to bring something good out of it. Pastor Darrin draws from 1 Peter 4 to remind us why we should trust God in the midst of our trials. 

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