Gilligan's Retreat' Podcast



Commentators C-Wizzle and Smitti make a Podcast!!! You love both of em so your for sure going to enjoy our Podcasts!


  • Gilligans Retreat Episode 3

    Gilligan's Retreat Episode 3

    21/11/2013 Duration: 26min

    C Tre and Mario Freestlye like crazy, Smitti doesn't because he cant.

  • Gilligans Retreat Episode 2

    Gilligan's Retreat Episode 2

    14/11/2013 Duration: 28min

    Smitti and C TRE hit you with a sick podcast where we open up with a hit song and move on to a hot topics, freestyle, Recent News, etc.

  • Gilligans Retreat Episode 1

    Gilligan's Retreat Episode 1

    13/11/2013 Duration: 25min

    First episode so quality may sound un-professional Commentators: C-Wizzle Gilligan