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At Drisha, people of all ages and backgrounds study Torah in an inclusive Beit Midrash, marked by deeply rigorous and honest learning, a commitment to the Jewish people, and a passion for connecting our study of texts with our individual and communal lives.
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  • Wendy Amsellem on She Said Well: The Brief Wondrous Life of Beruriah

    03/12/2014 Duration: 50min
  • Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg on Let Me See That Good Land: The Story of a Human Life

    14/07/2014 Duration: 01h17min
  • Aaron Koller on Parshanut Personalities: Parashat HaShavua through the Eyes of Commentaries- Rashbam

    14/07/2014 Duration: 01h27min
  • Leon Kass on The Ten Commandments: Principles of a Humanistic Practice

    14/07/2014 Duration: 01h25min
  • David Silber on Two Creation Stories - Contradictory or Complementary

    25/08/2010 Duration: 01h15min