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Open House is a talk programme that looks at news, current affairs and issues from a Christian perspective. Open House covers local and world events with perspectives and insights not heard elsewhere, informed by a Christian worldview.As host Stephen ODoherty puts it, Open House looks at life through the lens of faith and points to hope. Open House is live from 7 pm 10 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on Sunday night.Visit the Open House show page for more information


  • Walking on the Moon with Charlie Duke – Open House Interview with Sheridan Voysey


    Charlie Duke, 10th astronaut to walk on the Moon, speaks to Sheridan Voysey House about his experiences in space, and his Christian faith.

  • Leather-Clad Preacher to Outlaws: John Smith (1942-2019)


    John Smith, legendary Australian minister, commentator, activist and founder of the God’s Squad Motorcycle Club has died after a long battle with cancer.

  • You Will Believe This Story Because It Has A Picture


    People are more likely to believe a true or false claim if it is paired with a photograph, a researcher from The Australian National University (ANU) has found. Dr Eryn Newman, from the ANU Research School of Psychology, has been finding out how people find truth in a fake-news era.

  • No Road? No Problem! The 'Go Anywhere' Christians


    Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) are one of the busiest airlines in the world. A Christian registered charity they go where others, quite literally, fear to tread. Ian McDougall from MAF Australia Group told Open House about the incredible work the organisation do in remote an isolated locations in Australia and around the world. 

  • Oh What A Year in the Canberra Bubble!


    What a wild and crazy year in politics! The "Canberra bubble" has outdone itself. Rev Tim Costello, is a Baptist Minister and Ambassador at Large for World Vision Australia. He is also head of Christian justice and poverty action group group, Micah Australia. He gets to spend lots of time in that Canberra bubble advocating for civil society. He shared his thoughts on the year in politics with Open House. 

  • The Golden Thread Woven Into Every Life

    21/12/2018 Duration: 19min

    Do you feel like you are barely holding on? Let the golden thread of God's presence be the calm on the other side of chaos. It could be that He is weaving a brilliant new beginning in the middle of your mess. Darlene Zschech spoke on Open House about her new book, 'The Golden Thread - Experiencing God's presence in every season of life."

  • "Organ Tourism" Exposed In Shocking Report


    Listen: Kevin Andrews in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty. A parliamentary inquiry has recommended that more be done to deter organ trafficking in Australia …

  • The Simple Idea Saving Sick Babies In Nigeria


    Oxygen is expensive and a scarce resource for health facilities in the developing world. By training staff in identifying the sick children who need oxygen the most, a Melbourne doctor has helped Nigerian hospitals halve the number of children dying from pneumonia. Paediatrician Hamish Graham, spoke to Open House about the award he has been given for his work and his vision to see oxygen available to every child in the world who needs it. 

  • Soil Is So Very Much More Than Dirt

    21/12/2018 Duration: 16min

    120 of the world’s best soil, health and agricultural scientists met recently in Sydney at a Global Soil Security conference. The scientists looked at how we can secure our soil for the centuries ahead while still feeding the billions of people on the planet. Professor Cristine Morgan, Professor of Soil Science, Texas A&M University was our guest on Open House.

  • Paris Riots, Brexit Angst; Welcome To 'New Europe'


    Professor Tormey, from the University of Sydney, is an expert on European politics and populism. On Open House, he took us through the troubles facing French President, Emmanuel Macron, the bitter EU - UK divorce and why voters believe the empty promises of populist politicians. We even managed to get his opinion on happenings in Canberra, confirming for Professor Tormey just why he doesn't follow Australian politics. 

  • Blue Whale Songs Are Changing. It's Not Good News.

    21/12/2018 Duration: 10min

    The songs of Blue Whales are changing and that is not good news. Scientists think the change is yet another sign of the impact of climate change on our environment. Researcher Dr Emmannelle Leroy explains why on Open House.

  • We Need To Talk About Adoption

    21/12/2018 Duration: 22min

    Adoption raises many sensitivities and concerns but it's time to talk about it. There are changes coming to adoption law in New South Wales and  moves to make state laws more consistent across Australia.  Two of Anglicare NSW's most experienced staff, Liz Byrne and Sue Madden, talked us through the current thinking on adoption and some touching personal insights into what it means for a child to have a family they know they will be with forever. 

  • Dust Storms Another Sign Of Drought

    20/12/2018 Duration: 03min

    After getting hit by a huge dust storm Open House got to wondering where all that soil actually came from. Emeritus Academic in soil science from ANU, Dr Richard Green told us it is another sign the drought is very serious. 

  • Researchers Worried About The Survival Of The Platypus

    20/12/2018 Duration: 19min

    A national risk assessment has suggested platypus declines of up to 30% across its range since European settlement, with localised declines and extinctions increasingly reported. “We have great concerns about the future survival of this unique species,” says project leader Professor Richard Kingsford.

  • SRE Helps Children Understand Themselves And Othes

    20/12/2018 Duration: 12min

    Professor Susan Rutland, Emeritus Professor of Religion from the University of Sydney spoke on Open House about her research on SRE. She says SRE is an import mechanism for children to find their identity and that to remove religion is to weaken multiculturalism in Australia.

  • Sometimes The Good Guys Win

    20/12/2018 Duration: 10min

    Caritas Australia ended the year on a high note with a win for civil society and Australian democracy. They have proved that 'sometimes the good guys win' with the success of a campaign they spearheaded to change the provisions of a government bill. 

  • Loot Boxes - The Worrying Crossover of Gaming and Gambling

    20/12/2018 Duration: 16min

    Listen: Dr Marcus Carter in conversation with Stephen O'Doherty.  An expert in gaming research warns that the 'loot boxes' in popular games are …

  • War, What Is It Good For? - How Should Christians Deal With War?

    19/12/2018 Duration: 14min

    War is a difficult topic. As Christians, are we bound to participate in war? Is there such a thing as a just war? Does God encourage us to wage war? Indeed, can we claim He is on our …

  • Do My Grams Look Fat In The New Kilo?

    19/12/2018 Duration: 09min

    Hold on to your hats! From next year there will be a metric makeover and the kilo will be defined by a number derived from Planck's Constant. So how can a number define mass? It is, as they say, complicated. Science communicator, Petr Lebedev ran Open House through the change.

  • Rivers of Mercy Oceans of Tears; Real Climate Impact In The Pacific

    17/12/2018 Duration: 15min

    Caritas Australia has released the State of the Environment for Oceania 2018 Report, Waters of life, Oceans of Mercy. The report contains dozens of first-person accounts and stories relating to the impact of climate change on communities from Papua New Guinea and Kiribati to Tonga, Samoa and the Carteret Islands.

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